Shareit apk for android, latest version Download Jan 2020

Shareit apk for android Is an application made specifically for mobile phone users, this app is originally made for pc’s and was used by millions of people to share files of large sizes from one pc to another. Now with more people shifting to mobiles they have also released a android version of share it for android.

Share it apk for android

Shareit apk download for android is one of the best android app right now available on the google play store, you can share any file like movies, pictures, documents, music between your friends and family over wifi using this application.

Share it Apk
There are many apps right now on android market which gives you the ability to share data with other devices but the main problem with all of those app are that they use old Bluetooth technology which is very slow. If you are transferring small size files then its ok but when we talk about files of large sizes it take countless hours to transfer and it is simply impossible to sit only in wait to transfer files between two devices.

Note: If you are looking for windows download then please visit our Share it for windows 7 & Share it for windows 10 page thanks.

Here shareit apk for android come into play, this application gives you blazing fast speed when you are transferring files because this application does not use old Bluetooth technology but it uses WIFI to transfer data between two android devices or pc.

Shareit apk for android

Download Shareit apk for android 2020

Dear friends, downloading shareit apk for android is very easy and simple process all you need is the apk file. You can download this by following our procedure mentioned below.

  1. First of all download the apk file from the link.
  2. Now wait a little for the file to get downloaded on to your android device.
  3. After the downloading completed simply open file manager from the app drawer and locate the file which you have just downloaded and tap on it to execute it.
  4. Now a screen should appear on the your android mobile, with the instructions please follow them

If you have correctly followed those information then by now you should have installed share it apk on your mobile phone successfully, you can find the app logo on the app drawer of your phone.

How to transfer files with shareit apk for android

Transferring files is very easy you can do it within minites just follow our step by step guideline mentioned below.

  1.  First of all open your shareit apk application from your android mobile app drawer.
  2. If your friend or family member does not have shareit on his/her mobile then you can tap on the upper right corner on the invite button, by using that button you can install this app on their device.
  3. Now you will see send and recieve buttons on your screen, if you want to send a file then press the send button.
  4. After pressing send button you will need to select the file which you want to send to your friend or family member.
  5. Now you should see a radar animation on your screen, in the mean while ask your friend or family member to press the recieve button on their device, after few seconds of searches you should see your friends device name on the radar.
  6. Tap on the name and it will start the transfer.

Friends, this is the complete method to share and transfer files through shareit apk. I hope you find my tutorial helpfull and interesting, incase you need any help then please write in the comment section thanks.