How to transfer files to PC using SHAREit?

Shareit is one of the most popular cross-platform file sharing software which not only allows you to share and receive files from different type of devices to your PC/MAC computers but also give you entertainment plateform on the same software. You can enjoy different entertainment videos and music within shareit without leaving it while you are busy in receiving or transferring of files to your android mobile or windows pc.

It uses Wifi connection instead of traditional bluetooth method and takes advantage of high speeds of WIFI to transfer files to PC/MAC. You do not need any active internet connection to use Shareit for transferring of your documents, videos, music or files this software works without internet as well without any interruptions.

How to transfer files to PC using SHAREit?

I am going to tell you very simple method through which you can share files from your mobile device to your Windows PC/MAc computers without any problem just follow my steps which are stated below.

1.Make sure that both devices are connected to the same WIFI Connection.

2. Download Shareit Apk and install it on your mobile phone device (Android, iOS/WP).

3. In the meanwhile also download install Shareit on your WIndows PC/MAC.

4. Start the app by tapping on its icon on your mobile device and then tap on send button.

5. Select the files which you want to share.

6. Tap on Next button.

7. Now launch Shareit on your Windows PC/MAC.

8. Click on Receive button after that you will see your windows PC/MAC in your mobile screen in nearby devices.

9. Select your PC by tapping on the PC Avatar.

10. Now it will start to send your files from mobile phone to your Computer.

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How to change the default file save location easiest method

Today we are going to talk about a very common problem which occurs many times with users of shareit application that when they are trying to share or transfer files from one device to another they recieve storage full error. This is a very commonly asked question, many of our visitors also wanted to know the easiest solution for this problem so that’s why we have compiled a detailed tutorial on how to change the default file save location on shareit.

Shareit Internal storage file save location

The default save location on this app where all the files which you received are saved is internal storage, so when you receive storage is running low or storage is full error message it happens because your phone or device internal storage is full. Now to solve this problem you have to change the default save location on shareit app from internal storage to SD Card. This way you will save some space in your internal storage as well.

How to change the default file save location?

We have prepared a complete detailed tutorial for the solution of default file save location on shareit app, Follow the below mentioned procedure.

How to change Default file location Shareit
  1. Firstly you have to launch your shareit app on your android mobile device.
  2. You will see three dots on the top right hand corner of your screen please press them to open menu.
  3. Now scroll down and search for settings
  4. Now Tap on Settings to open it and then locate Storage Location and tap on it to open.
  5. Now you have to select SD card and then tap on OK.

Now all the files which you will receive through Shareit on your device stored on SD card instead of internal storage. This way you are able to save space on your device internal storage.