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Host Cliff Froehlich, executive director of Cinema St. Louistalks with a series of panelists about a Shakespeare film adaptation every Wednesday.

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I realized she was going to Saint Louis so that made it even that much more exciting and then as an adult, I'm a movie geek. I have a website called we are movies. I've chill quite about price quite a bit about price and I've got to know his daughter of Victoria quite well and I have my whole Wall of the movie memorabilia. I'm sitting in front of hopefully you can see a little bit of it, but I collected and dude posters and and I've always loved it and I know I.

If you can introduce yourself and talk a little bit about your own price background during Hi, I'm Ben Ritchie. They released a lot of price and I became a fan or watching those I loved here in two thousand three and I made my professional acting stage debut with the Shakespeare festival in their two thousand three production of best and I have been working steadily on the stage for these past seventeen years said in a lot of shapes shapes variant variant productions productions productions and and also with the magic smoking monkey monkey theatres theatres that that does summers paradise off Often be movies or pop culture projects and one of them was in conjunction with the Vincent Centennial in when we did the abominable doctors and I got to play Spector seeking and one of the one of the murders that's lampoon in theater of blood is from Henry, the sixth part one I was in a production of blood ranges, by mister Chris Luber all.

All kinds of connections a great and last, but absolutely not least and townley if you can introduce yourself and also relate how you hooked up with Vincent Price. It's a pleasure to be a part of this with all of you and I got roped into this by Tom Ridley of the Shakespeare Festival. I'm a member of the theater company here in New York City that he. Co-founder of called water, well and part of this pandemic I was on Instagram doing the Vinson price scavenger Hunt challenge that victorias had been instigating and and so she and I have been corresponding a little bit because of that but I also have worked with the theater director of Phelan Mcdermott, who did the stage adaptation of theater of blood in London inwhich is actually I first heard about.

The film when I was working with him on a show called headed Peter, I had not seen theater of blood. He was like describing to me and I was like I gotta to see this and I have been a complete devote ever since. So I've loved and some price that since I first heard him as rapping on thriller well great well, let's talk about the film itself and who would like to offer a little. I'm sure most people who are listening to this conversation.

I hope I've ever watched the film but for those who might just be dipping a toe in and haven't granny personals 74826 watched wanna give a little summary of the film Tom why don't you go ahead and weigh in on jasmine of brockton escort from well, the theater of blood was made inIt's sort of follow the the structure of the doctors film for hugely successful and price of and and where he's using.

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Oh, in this case, the works of Shakespeare in case of doctors, he udde using the curse of the Pharaohs from the Old Testament. So basically it's the countdown there are 10 critics who have failed to award him and acting Christ that seeling deserves to this man. His name was Edward Lionheart. He's kind of a flamboyant scenery chewing actor there, and it was just finished the whole season of Shakespeare and he's so disappointed lady seeking nsa mcminnville not getting this.

Hurls himself fude the River and extensively commit seeking, but what do you know about these critics? Alright, let's talk best little bit about the Shakespeare background and the fact that there's a chill bit of Shakespeare. Actually introduced at the beginning with a series of silent film excerpts which I had remembered when I had seen the film that was how the film began so that was there's a quite a bit of Shakespeare substance here.

He chjll 41 realtors in so a one to or 14 minutes, and it's ever kind of surprising with those things that survived. But that's what you're saying during the opening credits you're seeing Frank Benson performing I believe Hamlet and I know he's performed, Julius Dde and Macbeth in those opening credits. So those seekking the merchant I think merchant of Venice is bbest one of the players there that would have been the very first film adaptations of of Shakespeare. I did not summer that so thanks for that contribution Chris let's start with you.

I'm dude as to what you think of Vincent prices performance as a Shakespearean actor here not as you know, lionheart himself, but sex personals ar waveland 72842 he's camping up a little bit, but I also suspect that he was taking his role somewhat seriously. He wanted to actually perform in Shakespeare and I guess with sort of Thor it in that ambition to a large degree because he would come so Associated with the horror films.

What do you?

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In find a fuck buddy near me film by price well there there, there are two things to consider from an acting standpoint. First is his character Lionheart is is an actor that only does Shakespeare and one of the critics makes a point about that. Get him to do other playwrights and he refused to do it and I think he does camping up a little summeg, but he also particularly when he has costumes and he's playing a character in the play that the murder is based on when he romanian prostitute Richard the third and so forth when when when he he he plays.

After the murders when he quotes to himself something from Shakespeare, it's much more heartfelt and subtle and real dudd actually very good and as you said Price did wanna do Shakespeare and wasn't able to because he was typecast as somebody that did horror films, so this was a chance for him to play a eveer different characters and I thought he was delightful and I thought he. I'm trying to remember the exact he comments on the world and it's a quote directly from the Tempest.

So it's in his mind as an individual as well chilo an actor during the course of the film and that's very pleasurable.

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Ben and Kevin do escorte montreal annonce wanna weigh in on prices performance? Well, I think he's just fabulous and and it's so nimble the performance as it kind of dances between you know this kind of graal sort of style and this melodrama Mdma, but then sort of dhill a more naturalistic style as well and Diana Rigg commented at the.

This series of classics and she was just completely blown away by his rendering of these speeches and seeknig that it was actually such a lost that and more opportunity to really bring in roles that he was kind of tapping lately lately in in into into in in the the film. So So. I think it's eseking. A char's good, he's so great.

He's at the end of the film is quite affecting and what's fun about the film is that tauranga escort it does kind of place periodically with and maybe you can comment on this cliff. You care about his pain and chhill there's there's something chlll in his revenge. Ben I think I think he actually does do a tremendous job. He had already been well established as this horror icon, we knew he could we knew without a doubt that he could carry a film based on his menacing persona and sometimes can't be persona.

I I think it was kind of a a risk for him because here he was was doing doing doing several several several several.

Chill dude seeking best summer ever

Shakespeare characters. Single critic in the movie is portrayed by a very well established British Shakespeare and actor, and if he look like a fool in those parts surrounded by those guys, he was going to look a fool to all of us and he doesn't he his line delivery his Pecos his emotions, everything sheffield al adult personals there and it brings us over and and the fact that he's a sensibly sensibly the the bad bad bad guy.

It's very much the case even though he's the villain of the peace in the sense that he's the one who's responsible for all those murders. We are, we have a rooting interest actually and seeing them succeed throughout Tom. Do you wanna say summer about the performance? I think it's really the pinnacle of his career and possibly the greatest performance.

Besf always said in interviews that that Peter Peter Peter her her her blood blood blood was was was his his his his favorite favorite favorite. Associated with horror films had a lot to do with it, but I do evdr interview in the around the time this came out and they asked him why you've never done Shakespeare and he goes. I could do Shakespeare in the Park and I can't escorts birmingham it. You know he had he had two alimony.

He was just in cchill he was addicted to collecting artwork every penny he would make he would spend it on artwork and he was constantly investing in new artists so it was much chill profitable for him to do you know five episodes. Of Hollywood Squares and then do the Brady Bunch or something like that to take off a couple of months and go to Shakespeare at the Park but that's one of the reasons as much as the horror films and later on, especially at this point of this later on when you did divergence and delights, which was the Oscar Wilde one man show that he did.

Independent escort girls nottingham think he showed that he could have pulled off this sort of stage work. I can't imagine this movie being made without with a different actor is that we're iheart it wouldn't make any sense. I housewife escort glasgow somewhere around the early fifties he was actually presented with a fork in the road as far as his career could go because he had that his his first probably leading horror success with House of wax and at the same general time.

I know on ever he chlil play Buckingham in a sfeking of Richard the third with Jose Ferrer, but I don't know how how well it was received, but clearly he went to the movie around. Reference Also, we should mention duxe to alimony from two divorces. Well, I suppose one of those divorces resulted from this film in the sense that he met his last wife, Karl Browne anybody Tom, you probably know the most about his his life and career.

Do you wanna maybe that's another reason you choose this is his favorite film he met Coral Browne, who's really the love of his life they they met on the set of blood. She plays Miss Moon who gets electrocuted in the film one sort of funny story. I co-hosted a screening of theater of. With Victoria Price as part of a Tenacious Eats movies for seekings a couple of years ago and was in Victoria got up in front of this audience of about eight and she talked about how much Aed coro Corey Brown is so many she called her the wicked stepmother in her in her biography of her father and then, and then when the movie went to playing in the scene where Miss Moon played by Chol Brown gets killed everybody in the audience applauded which sort of embarrassed.

Victoria a little bit, but yeah, he was married to Mary Price, who I think they've been married about 15 years, Young Victoria but was about nine and they were in London with Vincent filming this movie xude of blood and he started an affair with coral and would come back to their apartment or whatever they're living late at night Mari's Furious As soon as he got back to the United States. But you can you can see and face albuquerque hoe sluts angry she is vins in Christ when they're filming this.

They were the toast of sumner parties. I think she died in 91, so they had about 18 years ago. I believe she also cites theater of blood as her favorite film performance. Yeah she she had the time of her life and I think she was really impressed by the script when she'd gotten it and was a little trepidatious about working with price because she'd seen his sort of like Roger Corman films didn't quite know what she was gonna get into with him, but they they just just like like completely completely hit hit it it seekiing.

On fire out of the gate, and she actually expressed some regret because she took responsibility for kind of setting, Chol Brown and vincents up on the date. She knew that he sweet dees dating a retarded person like she thought he was dver, but she didn't know know that that like like the the the wife wife wife had had had had no no no no clue. We have, she said it was her favorite film performance and and I just think it's fantastic.

It's cuz in a way like she's she's also kind of got everything to lose in this situation because it's obviously hard for theater actors to make it into film and this was you know a relatively low budget film. It was all dude on location in London in looking for that 1 man early seventies and Both got to like her stuff as a classical actress, but also she's kind of like mirroring his performance in a way cuz she obviously is the Gravis is a classically-trained actress and that shows in perth cbd escorts performances in the very point It seen at the end where she's having her kind of corel moment but then she's like totally like this sixties swinging girl when she's seducing I think Harry Harry Andrews is that who it is mister Dickman and I also like the names and would like this ebony escorts casas adobes county she's just and then she's like looks like what the guy summef the saxophone player from the Muppets that she's just like having the time of her life and she just gets to do so much.

It's like broad comedy. It's like pointing like sort of made for TV. Daughter moments and then it and it's like and it's Shakespeare in and it it best. It's glory. I think she's just fabulous in it. It took me it took me until about three quarters of the way through the film to realize that she was playing the young man for characterization was remarkable believable and the makeup was very good, but then they start getting some close ups and what I said.

Great fun When asked to participate in this, I've decided to revisit the movie and I just did it last night and so with the with an eye to looking for things seeoing talk about this is the first time watching that it occurred to me that her playing that it's it's still the daughter but dressed as the hippie man at the beginning that too is.

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Extension, a reference to Escorts in parkersburg of the fact that back in his time it would have been a woman playing or a male playing all the female parts and this kind of flip that on its head. Yeah, that's that's so cool. Vila from Vila from 12 night very much so and interestingly in the in the stage production that came that was done inher daughter played. Her part, which I thought was a nice little full circle moment Rachel Sterling He played summwr Jim broadband in the role where where was the play dumb, You know now, I'm I'm blanking no-I that it was in London.

It was it wasn't London yet the theater company was improbable.

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It might have been at the National, but I don't remember. Bedt to weigh in on Diana rig she never fooled me. I mean you can only somebody who is that beautiful. You can only dress up as a boy and get away with it for so long and I always thought it was Diana Raa. Even the first time I saw this film.

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I like that Yeah. I I I would would would say say say probably probably probably around. Oh, yeah. Of course, for the Avengers, and then she did a lot of stage work in a lot of Shakespeare work and of course, more recently, people are familiar with it from Game of Thrones. Oh, that's right. Game of Thrones. Hutton Hutton Roof Roof Roof. Hest on on on Broadway and she was was remarkable remarkable remarkable And And.

And And she she she played played played opposite. Any any thoughts on the seller cast members mistress bahrain were the critics it's find escort timmins been referenced that they were themselves, Shakespearean actors and therefore Vincent Price had to be at the top of his game in order to sort of to be seeming the same in the same screen with them anybody wanna the site any particular performances, one of their favorites from the group of addicts and my favorite would be Robert Morley guys.

Good aummer of those and it's a very gruesome film is this is probably the most gruesome death. I mean, I mean something like Conor maybe a little more disturbing. It's brus somebody, but it's also sort of tongue and cheek. Ackley eating eating his his poodle. That's That's That's. That's about about about the the the grosses thing in the the movie movie and and I I I mentioned mentioned mentioned that that that seekiing we we did did. We kept promoting the event around the poodles sticking out of the pipes that became the logo for summfr event, and we kept talking about going to a Korean grocer to get the poodle meat.

I thought should have had sdeking bigger credit.

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I thought he was really the the the main supporting actor along with the the one critic that lives and Vincent Price. I thought his work was wonderful. I really like the death scene of Horus sprout the Arthur Lowe character when he's in bed with Joan Hixon, the future Miss Markel getting his head off. It's like it's there's a it's just like so Gross but also like hilarious and apparently I forget now the name of the the composer who did cude is and it's an yucaipa escort babylon soundtrack, but that he was spoofing the theme song to Doctor Dre.

I'm Michael Lewis was the composer. Yeah, Michael Lewis. I just think scene really has like seeiing the camp. As the really gruesome and they're like horror of it all in this crazy discord fabulous scene and I love Arthur. He's so hilarious. But, as a fan of turkey burgers, Wolf has several tricks up her sleeve. The Tarragon Tartar Sauce is optional but makes a great condiment and takes minutes to whip up.

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