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The men's game has more financial capital but also just more operational attention and political attention in this time of crisis and that not norvell mi adult personals applied puts a huge risk at the women's game for being hit harder and therefore to be thrown back many years of its development if we don't pay attention to that now. Many of the female players are very much dependant in terms of their income for representing their country. They usually have a dual income stream between their club and their national team football. Now when there are no games played many of those players will be struggling to receive that compensation from the federations which may just force them out of their professional careers.

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Now when there are no games played many of those players will be struggling to receive that compensation from the federations which may just force them out of their professional careers.

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But when it comes to the tournaments themselves they are the biggest spotlight verdun escort far and I think that the combination of the values of the women's game which run a little bit outside of the purely commercial scope combine with the patriotism of, of course a World Cup and everything that comes with it - that has an enormous womdn in society which is fantastic so we need those tournaments obviously to be played.

It was an understandable decision with the Olympics moving that then the women's Euros would have to move as well simply also from a calendar perspective having two of those major events in the same year plus the men's Euro would have been incredibly challenging of course but we lokking those events to keep driving the public attention and the public buy-in to what this game offers on the women's side which is maybe different and in some ways more interesting or better than on the men's side to some of the people who enjoy the game.

It was not me to criticise where we are. It's a very difficult situation but we need the stakeholders to all come together now because everybody can contribute. The women's game needs the club and the national team football. We need a broad base in meb, many countries.

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We need coordination because of course in many countries the resources in the women's game are not very developed so there's guidance that the global sectors, the confederations can give. So, we want everybody to chip in and to build a plan on how we build the game. I mean the one is like I mentioned before the much less developed financial structures, there's less income streams looling can be sustained through this crisis.

two is the attention; if we're not talking about it, if we're not paying attention to it then of course dadrilly can't develop strategies to save it. And three I think it's the historic context that it's still a game that is very much on chantelle nuneaton escort rise and it's sort of growing out of the margins of the professional game of the men's looking and we need to sustain that appreciation for the growth in itself.

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What we need to do; stakeholders need to come together, we need to united strategy, how we stabilise the game, how we sustain the funding cuts that are going to come in this crisis but also how we build actually a strategy that makes the game stronger, how we pay more attention for example to the playing conditions of players. How we build maybe dagdilly interesting competition structures.

We've seen for example yesterday there was a decision in Austria we understand that women's football league has been stopped because of the cost that it would have in terms somerville nj adult personals the fro programmes to put the teams back on the pitch. It's understandable that the financing isn't there but of course now the men's game might continue, the women's game won't.

That's a damage in itself and then it's not to criticise the individual decision but it's an example of what we're seeing. We just believe that it's very important that we deal with this consistently and that there's a strategy put to it. Whether clubs will disappear short-term or long-term depends very much on relatively small amounts of money as I said before.

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The budgets of these clubs are not huge but their income is right now zero so we need to help them fuck buddy tonight chadwicks new york sustain this crisis forr it also comes to, you know we've seen over the last few years great new agreements actually being made like in Spain and some of the Scandinavian looknig about the playing conditions.

Can we now protect those or do womne fall back into the era where it was before when it really wasn't sustainable to be a footballer; where it really was more an amateur game and that of course does not allow the game to thrive because the players can't put the time in, they can't put the commitment in to really be the best that they can be.

And then overall of course the development of the game in society is slowing down. So again it's many factors but we do have a concern that simply the growth won't be sustained and that we will lose some of the clubs, especially those who are not affiliated to bigger men's teams and that can maybe carry the financial burden easier. FIFPRO said in a report published Thursday that the women's game could face an "existential threat" and many players could lose their livelihoods in the aftermath of the pandemic.

Baer-Hoffmann said that, while club football was the main source of income in the men's game, many female players were "very much dependant in terms of their income for representing their country. The women's game also depended heavily on international tournaments for visibility, meaning that the postponement of the Olympic Games, from towas a ificant blow. Jon Gruden says final play vs.

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Dolphins 'most horrific play I've ever been associated with". One of the big takeaways from the two-game set against the Pacers has been the play of rookie Payton Pritchard. Jaylen Brown had some high praise for the diminutive guard after Boston's win Tuesday night. Cam Newton has said all the right things this year, but the Patriots QB couldn't help but blow off some steam after Monday's brutal loss to the Bills.

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Dardilly women looking for men

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