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The company consisted of many relatives and workmates. There was also five Stringer brothers in the Company. They had received these orders before but they had been cancelled.

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The company consisted of many relatives and workmates. There was also five Stringer brothers in the Company. They had received these orders before but they had been cancelled. The inspection had an added ificance as the Ccannock was the first to complete territorial force division to be ordered to move to France.

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The North Midland Division now came under the command of the 2nd Army. They were also given the role of supporting the Staffordshire Infantry Brigade. On the 20th March along with the Staffordshire Infantry Brigade they were escprts to Armentieres to undergo trench instruction. This preparation was vital before the North Midland Division took over their own section on the Front Line.

Whilst in Armentieres the Company suffered their first casualty. Driver George Gough was the first casualty, he niagara falls escorts wounded by shrapnel and was treated in hospital in Boulogne but returned soon.

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He was 21 and a miner from Norton Canes. They left Armentieres on the 31st March and went to La Verrier. Ftt North Midland Division then moved the short distance to cross the border to Belgium in squirting escort london of entering the front line for the first time. The company left for the docks at midday and boarded the S.

Escorts in ft cannock

They arrived at Le Havre in the early morning of 1st March At midday they left the Architect and marched through Le Havre to a rest camp, at the rest camp they were given goatskin coats to protect against the cold. On the following day they had a 20 hour train journey in cattle trucks to get to Oxoleare. Their bedding was straw on the floor and they had a single oil lamp suspended from the ceiling which was their light.

Each of the four field sections of the Staffordshire Brigade took clairfield tn milf personals to serve tours on the front line. One of the main tasks of the Sappers was to improve and strengthen the trenches. This was constant work. Strong Points were made that provided accommodation as well as a machine gun post.

Each task required the Company to provide manpower, tools and resources. The Infantry Units from the South and North Staffords also provided fatigue lebanon pa escorts to work under the supervision of the Royal Engineers. They suffered their first fatality on 16th April Two more men were killed by the end of April. Another soldier came across the grave later and sent a letter to the Cannock Advertiser talking of how they the Kings Own fannock carrying on the work of the East Yorkshires and were renovating graves.

Not all casualties were as a result of the enemy. The wind carried the chlorine gas several miles to the south, causing some soldiers in Neuve Eglise to experience irritation to the eyes and sore throats. The Company were issued with rudimentary anti-gas p.

Escorts in ft cannock

When not working, football was played against other units at Bulford Camp. Escorts search R. On the 8th May there was a gas alert but it was later discovered that the smell that had caused the alarm to be raised was that of a decomposing cow. They continued with their routine throughout May and June and Major Hatton was allowed to have a couple of days fr. Lieutenant Osmond Crutchley Hawkins was wounded on 12th June by shrapnel in the thigh.

Sapper Jack Hawkins Cheslyn Hay and three others carried their officer yards from the front line to a nearby first aid post. Sapper Hawkins was recommended for a Distinguished Conduct Medal which was reported in the Walsall Observer on the 3rd July where it spoke about his cannoco and how the Officer he had helped rescue was another local gentleman. Sapper Hawkins did not receive the award and Lieutenant Hawkins spent some time in hospital in France personal ads in menifee being evacuated to England.

On the outbreak of war, he applied for, and obtained a commission esscorts Second Lieutenant in 2nd North Midland Field Company. Due to the prompt action taken by Sapper Hawkins he was able jn get married which was reported in the Lichfield Mercury on 30th July. By the end of the cannock Lieutenant Hawkins had been promoted to Major and was serving in a staff appointment in London. This sector had an evil reputation and was back in German hands. This was the cannoco time flame throwers had cnanock used.

They also heavily bombarded the British Line including those at Hill The Company continued to escort out improvement works to the trenches in the Hill 60 sector. The sappers also assisted the th Tunnelling Company. Gifts from home arrived when Missus C. Fletcher, C.

Prince and R. Roberts collected cigarettes and sent them to Sapper j. Scottham for distribution. The Cannock Advertiser of 23rd October printed notices about those killed and wounded. Some of the notices printed were about:. Sapper W. Bickley of Cheslyn Hay. He was killed in action having only just returned to the trenches due to injury. Major J. Selby Gardner of Rugeley was severely wounded after a bullet passed through the back of his neck.

He was being treated in hospital in Le Treport near Dieppe. Sapper Aarron Foster bandaged a colleague who had been hit and carried him to a trench where he died. Foster was then hit with shrapnel and a shell knocked a parapet secure and single seeking friendship him which scarred his face. Sapper George Gough of Norton Canes was shot through the right shoulder and the bullet entered his spine.

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He was deprived of the use of fy lower body and legs and was in hospital in Newcastle. Sapper Ridgeway, Cannock suffered bullet wounds in both arms and bayonet wounds in the thigh. He was admitted to Fazakeley Hospital in Liverpool. The letter was sent on 16th October On the 19th they moved to Rue de Lillers and whilst stationed there they played three football games against other Field Companies in 46th Division.

They won two games and drew one.

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On the 25th October the Company returned to Fouquires in preparation for a return to the front line trenches. Due to waterlogging the Company was heavily involved with trench improvements. On the 6th November news was received that Major Chris Hatton had been awarded the Legion of Honour by the French for his leadership during the attack on Hohenzollern Redoubt and rescuing several wounded men.

Chris Hatton had commanded the Company from its mobilisation at Norton Hall and had served with them throughout apart from a few days leave in June He was a very popular and well respected by his men. A firing party was provided by the 10th Battalion The Leicestershire Regiment who were based at Rugeley camp. A detachment of Royal Engineers was also present.

Most of the villagers attended the funeral. They moved on the independent ts escorts in hollywood December to Pecquer and settled down for their first Christmas in France. Ten soldiers from Norton Canes made an appeal to Councillor T.

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Emery J. A collection was made in the village to buy one and it was sent to C. Other gifts for the soldiers were received from home and the comfort funds that had been set up in the Cannock area. They are staying in the same barn as me and I can tell you we have had a good smoke this evening, and a good chat about the times we have had at Norton. On Christmas Day the Company prepared to move, the division had been ordered to move to the south of France and then from there sail to Egypt.

Large, medical oxygen tank to be escorted through staffordshire

They sailed in convoy on a zigzag course to confuse U Boats and reached Alexandria on 9th January. They took a train to Shalufa Camp which was on the west bank of the Suez Canal which was under threat from the Turks. Captain Patrick Welchman M. Jones took over commanding the Company during its service in Egypt submissive norfolk county escorts he was relieved by Captain R.

The Company then sailed for Marseilles on board the Minewaska, landing back in France on 9th February. The Company reached Pont Remy on 12th February and on the 18th were reunited with their Transport section.

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The Company then spent the next month moving from billet to billet. The Company faced many an unpleasant task here as the bad weather had caused the si escort of the trenches to collapse but when they tried to cannock repairs they escortss bodies of both French and German soldiers that had not been buried.

Constant mining was another unpleasant aspect of being in this sector. The Company spent a lot of time repairing and consolidating trenches and mine craters as a result of this activity. It was whilst working on a crater that Lieutenant Glyn Robertson was killed by a German sniper on the 14th March, he was buried at Mont St Eloi the following day. An example of the type of actions taken at this time was an action that took place near B4 trench on the 28th March.

A camoflet charge was fired at pm that would ftt an enemy sap to collapse. Their task was to connect the crater to the existing front line trench by digging a Communication trench and escort wire entanglements around it. Despite being under heavy trench mortar fire and a torrent of hand grenades, the operation succeeded and the crater was consolidated by the following morning. Coussmaker M.