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Now as you read in Chap 2, I had gone from my cocksufker frugal introduction of giving myself to men and my joy of sucking their beautiful cocks.

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Now as you read cocksucksr Chap 2, I had gone from my innocent frugal introduction of giving myself to men and my joy of sucking their beautiful cocks.

Looking for cocksucker or bottom

This love of sucking cock, quickly turned into a total obssession with men, with my giving them my asshole to fuck. It lookking by chance one generous man seeking companion afternoon inwhile in the middle of sucking 16 cocks in succession, I was introduced, first more like ra-ped, in fo asswhile stuffing my mouth full with 2 cocks at once, a third man jumped in and quite forcefully shoved his thick long cock up my ass, the great coincidence was, that as with my first blow job, my first ass fuck came via a massive black cock.

Looking for cocksucker or bottom

Let me just say, he didn't have my permission to ravage my asshole, as he did, no lube, in a virgin rim is quite painful. But, once he forced his massive black cock past my tiny lil virgin spinchter, and all the way up into my rectum and do to his length, way up into my bowels, I was in euphoria, absolute pleasure as I never felt before.

Looking for cocksucker or bottom

For those of you who have never enjoyed the feeling of having your mouth stuffed full with 2 cocks and a massive cock fucking your ass, it is simply the greatest sexual feeling in the world. I answered an ad on Cruising for Sex, about a monthly orgy party in at the home cocksuckee a wealthy man in the Hamptons.

Looking for cocksucker or bottom

The ad was looking for a pig bottom boy who enjoyed being the center of attention. Now of course still being new to the terms and the scene in general, I jumped at the chance to find out what this was all about, and what new I could learn.

I honestly thought I could never top my experience. Little fot I know, there would be a massive group of beautiful men just waiting for me.

In brief, 40 cocks of all races, colors, sizes, cut, uncut, but all attached to sexy well groomed, well built, gorgeous studs In chapter 4, I will detail my gang bang and the amount in gallons of sperm I have taken inside me Until then save a load for me. Please me at its-sogood at hotmail dot com I would love to hear your commennts and suggestions, and who knows maybe someday you can make a cum deposit in me as well. I love men A Gay Sex.

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