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Then the days get progressively longer until the Midnight Sun period, from May to July, when it never sets. After the midnight sun, the days get shorter and shorter again until the Polar Night, fro the yearly cycle repeats. So, perhaps understandably, many people had a hard time relating when I told them I was moving there.

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Then the days get progressively longer until the Midnight Sun period, from May to July, when it never sets. After the midnight sun, the days get shorter and shorter tpwn until the Polar Night, and the yearly cycle lookinf. So, perhaps understandably, many people had a hard time relating when I told them I was moving there. While there is some debate among psychologists about the best way to identify and diagnose wintertime depression, one thing seems clear: Residents of northern Norway seem able to avoid much of the wintertime suffering experienced elsewhere—including, paradoxically, in find sex buddies matsumoto, brighter, more southern locations.

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It seemed like the perfect place to test just how adventurous I really was, while also providing a unique population for a psychology research study: How do the residents of northern Norway protect themselves from wintertime woes? And could these strategies be identified and applied elsewhere, to the same beneficial effects? Surrounded by mountains and fjords on all sides, it also felt isolated and wild.

Looking for some town

The main pedestrian street is thrumming every day of the week except Sunday, when most shops are closed, and is particularly lively on Saturdays and after 2 a. I took Norwegian lessons, which I used mostly to decipher food items in the grocery store, looming almost everyone in Norway speaks English.

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Instead of frequenting bars and restaurants as I had in the U. I ed several Norwegian meditation groups, which gave me friends outside the student community, and my Norwegian friends in these groups were kind enough to hold conversations in English for my benefit.

I soon found my routine: work on my research and graduate-school applications sydney fuck buddy the week, and enjoy the outdoors and potluck dinners on the weekends. As I became more at ease in my foreign surroundings, I discovered an additional benefit of my research topic: Almost everyone I spoke with—in casual conversations, at parties, over psychology-department lunches at the university—had a theory as to why their city flourished during the Polar Night.

Some people swore by cod-liver oil, or told me they used lamps that simulated the sun by progressively brightening at a specific time each morning.

Many even expressed excitement about the upcoming season and the skiing opportunities it would bring. Although my grant technically ended in May, I explained that I hoped to stay through as much of the summer as possible.

Looking for some town

Even during the darkest times, there are still two or three hours of light a day as the sun skirts just below the horizon, never fully rising. It was now clear to me that my original lkoking questions were colored by my own culturally biased perspective—in New Jersey, where I grew up, almost no one looked forward to winter, myself included I even bondi junction escorts to attend college in Atlanta to escape the cold.

Looking for some town

In my experience, people simply got through the wintertime darkness on the way to a brighter, happier season. But I quickly hit a snag: Aside from the standard assessment surveys used to identify Seasonal Affective Disorder, no other standardized psychological questionnaires about attitudes toward winter existed.

In general, psychology researchers prefer to use existing psychological measures, rather than create new ones, so that their work can be compared fro contrasted to studies.

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But while there were plenty of questionnaires that asked about seasonal depression, distress, and sleep disorder in winter, there were no surveys that made room for the potentially positive aspects of the season. It was around this time, as I was investigating psychology graduate programs more thoroughly, that I flew back to the U. Those in a fixed mindset, she argues, often fail to see feedback as an opportunity for learning, and are more likely to view criticism as a personal attack. Conversely, those in a growth mindset tend to be more open to learning from their mistakes, taking risks, and pursuing self-improvement.

In one of her studies, for example, people somf had a positive mindset towards stressviewing it as productive rather new brentwood asian escorts debilitating, had healthier levels of the stress hormone cortisol. In another, hotel employees who believed that cleaning rooms was good exercise saw decreases in their body fat and blood pressure, compared to those who simply viewed it as work.

Which led me to the question: Can we measure positive or negative mindset toward winter? A random sample of Norwegian adults responded to our online lolking.

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fort saskatchewan escort Of these respondents, the group was almost evenly divided between respondents living in southern Norway, northern Norway, and Svalbard, an Arctic island located halfway between northern Norway and the North Pole. The Polar Night of Svalbard is ificantly darker: absent even indirect sunlight, with no change in light to mark the passage of a hour time span. The survey indicated that wintertime mindset may indeed play a role in mental health and well-being in Norway.

The Wintertime Mindset Scale had strong positive correlations with every measure of well-being we examined, including the Satisfaction with Life Scale a widely used survey that measures general life satisfactionand the Personal Growth Composite a scale that measures openness to new challenges.

Looking for some town

The people who had a positive orange ladyboy escort orange mindset, in other words, tended to be the same people who were highly satisfied with their lives and who pursued personal growth. We also found that wintertime mindset was ificantly correlated with latitude in Norway— those living farther north tended to have a more positive wintertime mindset.

With its extreme climate, Svalbard is almost certainly home to a self-selecting group; most residents only live on the island for a few years at a time.

Svalbard has several kindergartens but only a handful of high-school students, indicative of how often young researchers or oil workers come with their families and leave before their children are grown. But even when the residents of Svalbard were excluded from the so,e, those residing in northern Norway still had a ificantly more positive wintertime mindset than those living in southern Norway.

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And rather than greeting each other with complaints about the cold and snow, a common shared grumble in the U. And this is not to suggest that those experiencing clinical wintertime depression, or Seasonal Affective Disorder, can magically cure themselves by adjusting their mindset.

Yet our research data—and my personal experience—suggest that mindset may play a role in seasonal well-being, and the area appears ripe for future research. Studies comparing wintertime mindset in colder U.

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Similarly, studies that induce a positive wintertime mindset personals philadelphia helping people pay attention to its benefits could answer questions about the role of mindset in wintertime well-being. Popular Latest. The Atlantic Crossword. When Summer lokoing Depressing.

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