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Zara's Zouk was live. Fun and Tips. What a mess! Sorry again! Fingers crossed for next week.

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Check out al md bra covers and belts on FB. Stay cheerful and upbeat and with luck, see you next week xx. New Arrival Bedlahs!

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Many thanks and LOVE!! Related s See All. Bellydance Boutique. Baladi Bazaar. Lorna of Cairo aka BellyLorna! Jwaad Bellydance. Shimmyshop Bellydance Costumes. Farida Adventures Belly Dance Holidays. Luloah belly dancing.

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The Arab Quarter. Bruce Oldfield Couture. Celebrating Dance Festival. Video Transcript.

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Good afternoon, Good afternoon everyone um well. I'm here this week and my name is Sandra. I'm here for Zara. I'm zara's mom and on the 15 minutes I like to have a quick chat about some culture traditions um history something about Egypt and last week I spoke about.

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The most private escorts bendigo most photographed miracle of all time when the Virgin Mary appeared in zon so today I would like to talk about something quite different. That was the Virgin Mary Today. We're talking about satanic rituals and things of.

Ghosts and things of that nature, So where are we today? Hey, um he was Belgian and industrialist he made his Mummy through um railways in France and Belgium and he was the founder of the Metro in Paris, so it made a lot of money and it's great interest was travel and underground Metro travel and he came to Egypt in to try to um bid for.

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Railway contracts he didn't get the contract, but he got mesmerized by Egypt is a bit of a Egypt and he stayed so he stayed and he used his money to buy a whole load of desert area and he built himself a mansion in the start of a Hindu temple and he. A around it and all around him he built haul the Sun City. Now it's a um a suburb of Cairo near of north of the center um very well-known he built it as a city for leisure and luxury, and it still is quite a lovely place.

It's um wide streets and has quite a different. So he built that in the early s, hi Sophia Hi Debbie, I hope you're into some um haunted house stories today so far and the Belgian orgiee built his mansion in the middle of hell he built up as well. The Sun City now a chiro suburb and um his house French architect. Um deed it made it out of reinforced concrete quite an unusual choice for building at that time.

Um it's a dark orgy, orgues dark color like a brownie brown color and every time I travel. This is why it's a personal to me story every time I traveled between the airport and Cairo going back and forth seeking a true and honest ltr and. We pause this Byron's palace. It was just called the Baron's Palace. That's all I ever knew.

It's the Baron's Palace. I would look at it and it would be like this dark brooding building very spooky. Why surrounded by barbed wire on the watch men's um wouldn't box on the gates um no, like, of course boarded up. Providence crossdresser escorts dark and spooky, and I was like, oh what what's that I was. I was intrigued. It is very much in the temple. And the family is like, oh no I got there. I don't want to go there.

Oh no it's haunted. It's um satanic rituals there's been sacrifice is there.

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No no no no not a good place so anyway, always a bit intrigued but let it pass uh um yeah so rituals and Ohs in the basement that kind of sound. It's okay, but I'll place I was going to go to my own and then I could find no one who would ever want to go with me um. So back to 120 escorts craigavon Belgian gentlemen, God bless him, he built the whole hell of and his mansion on the top in the form of a Hindu temple.

I don't know why um apparently he was a Catholic because apparently I haven't been so I don't know in the basement from his special room. There is a tunnel to the local Catholic Basilica where.

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He is buried so why a Hindu temple I don't know I expect like the architecture and why not absolutely gorgeous as well as on the outside as well as all the different Hindu duties companion escorts santa barbara the building, which you can still see today um he had on the wide steps up exotic plants and exotic exotic. Most of them have been destroyed. I don't think any of those remain, but um the palace has been restored and this is why we're coming to hear story today so anyway, um yeah, he came to Egypt and he fell in love with Egypt nnear get the right way contract, but he stayed he mansion.

Orgies near me

He built Leopold. A circular staircase not lrgies circular, but at the top went into two spirals up to the top tower and it was on a revolving orgy circle so that all the time it could be moved to grab from the windows in the tower, the best of the sunlight in the direction he wanted apparently anyway, he lived up with his wife. Had um adults in the sun as well, his wife apparently committed suicide from the top tower falling down and his daughter Merriam, who was born with near paralysis got very depressed and spent a lot of her time in the basement rooms sitting there, but it's not that maybe she had an affair with escort service in south bloomington of the servants.

And this could have or maybe not what do we know? Suicide in Barron's Palace so um yes, um. Outbreak of World War one on MP went back to Belgium and the House Palace the Hindu temple looking mansion went to nfar son and his son lived there for many years um the sun well known for orbies crazy parties and he married a burlesque dancer, apparently who was quite happy orgiies naked with midget escort seattle some gold paint adorning her body um at the.

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Parties that the Sun held at Barron's Palace the house so yes, my party is abf personals of music Crazy times um the sun so the house in and it's for it fell into disrepair over the years when I was there when I was traveling back and forth in her younger years. S So I said then it was just this boarded up derelict surrounded by barbed wire dark building looking very spooky on the hill because it's on a little and I think yeah, what's that and of course stories of my happenings build up?

There's already stories of the ghost the ghost of the daughter, particularly haunting the house and then there's the stories of satanic rituals and sacrifices. Don't sing a music coming from the palace and this is because although there's a lot in the front gate if you go around the back, it's a big a big mansion you can just get through the barbed wire in through bbw escorts east sollentuna window and you into the palace and a near load of use used to go there to partake of intoxicating substances and party.

That was my music and noise is coming, but I don't think that was ever any satanic rituals or anything. I think this is just um grew up from locals who are a little bit superstitious and thinking what is going on? Oops the palace was eventually by the Egyptian government ineastlondon escorts they didn't do much with it because uh the Arab Spring came and there wasn't much money and it was kind of left nothing orgy on um, however, a refit started in A grand reopening of the Baron Palace as a culture center happened in just a couple just gone just a couple of months ago in June 29th of June right at the end of June and last month, Zara went to visit.

It's now open to the public. I'm interesting house for the architecture of the house and the museum because they are artifacts and old things that oh telephones um paintings I think there's a film of how the house was built.

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There's orgies from Baron MP n and his life so kind of like between the museum, a near home all mixed into one um pay extra money to. And things like that, but apparently, it's not very expensive. It's open to the toronto escorts male. Zara loved it The. Staircase itself is just a work of art. CC came for the opening and um this is just another new place to go if you're in Cairo as a tourist and upmarket escorts luton different to say, as I said, I have no.

Why it's in the form of Hindu temple apparently the architect and Byron together took their um de from a template of this year, India and another one from Cambodia. I'm kind of put them together to make this marvelous building is full of outside as I said the diet is the different Hindu God. Absolutely amazing inside when it was made was full of mirrors Belgian glass mirrors they of course, along with the erotic statues on the steps up have long since been looted destroyed and broken.

A place that maybe I will get to see because it's been itching me as something I'd like to know more about since I first went from the airport, you're looking up and thinking what is that place and now the barbed wire is gone So hopefully I will get to see but apparently the stories of ghosts persist um and it might have been on the bats that residents in all the years it was in the stray dogs and cat.

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Cairo and known for the people here coming and going, but maybe there are ghosts so um a place maybe I will see and just a very quick update. Zara's workshop Six of September. But I'm in Egypt, I hope to do all my lives from there and instead of talking and chat to take you on a tour around the nova scotia personals that I go to so if there's anything you particularly want to see or are particularly interested in or want to hear about um private message me drop a comment who knows maybe I can do it and until then sending lots of love and.

Soon, or maybe next Thursday, but two of them have a lovely week. Thank you for ing me and don't be haunted too much. Take care. Mme now. Forgot ?

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