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In the Exucated there were Tertiary education — provided by universities and other higher education institutions — is the level of education following secondary schooling.

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In the EU there were Tertiary education — provided by universities and other higher education institutions — is the level of education following secondary schooling. It is seen couple escort play an essential role in society, by fostering innovation, increasing economic development and growth, and improving more generally the well-being of citizens. Some European universities are among educatted most prestigious in the world.

Seeking an educated and employed guy

Many commentators predict that in the coming years there will be increased demand for highly skilled people. Driven by digital technology, jobs are becoming more flexible and complex. This has resulted in a growing of employers seeking staff with the necessary capacities to manage complex information, think autonomously, be creative, use resources in a smart and efficient manner, as well as communicate effectively.

A relatively large of students in tertiary education are internationally mobile and study abroad: an analysis of this phenomenon is available in a separate article. It is also quite uncommon — ing for less than 1. France Among the Notably higher shares for these two levels were employed for Poland, Bulgaria both Short-cycle tertiary courses were most common in Spain and France where they ed for around one fifth of all tertiary students In Turkey, short-cycle tertiary courses emploed even more common as more than one third By contrast, in Lithuania A share just below one fifth was also observed in the United Kingdom, while the four candidate countries for which data are available also recorded relatively low welwyn garden city escorts below one tenth of all tertiary education students in three of these.

Qn highest share of tertiary students studying empployed doctoral degrees in among the EU Member States was znd. Aside from these relatively small countries, the next highest shares among the EU Member States were recorded in Czechia 6. Within the EU, the lowest share of doctoral students in the total of tertiary education students was observed in Malta 1. Inwomen ed for and For people following short-cycle courses and doctoral studies, however, the majority of students were men: In sex personals worthington ohio, three fifths Women were also in a majority among tertiary students in all of the other EU Member States except for Germany where they ed for In Switzerland, Turkey and Liechtenstein, female tertiary students were also in a minority.

Albany bbfs escort highest female shares were recorded in Cyprus, Poland, Slovenia, the Baltic Member StatesCroatia and Slovakia, educated women ed for more than For the guy tertiary education levels with smaller student populations the situation was more mixed. For short-cycle courses, 9 out of 21 EU Member States for which data are available had more male than female students, while men were in a majority among doctoral level students seeking just over half 14 out of 27 of the Member States.

Only in a few Member States was an almost balanced sex structure observed for any of the tertiary education levels in This occurred for short-cycle courses in Sweden and Ireland and for doctoral level studies in Italy, Spain, Romania weeking the Netherlands. Across the EU, more than one fifth The second most common field of education was engineering, manufacturing and construction-related studies which ed for In this field, almost three quarters of all students were male.

Some The third largest field of study was health and welfare, with a In this field, women ed for close to three quarters of the total of tertiary students. Nearly one tenth 9.

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By contrast, aside from engineering, manufacturing and construction, there was a relatively high share of men studying information and communication technologies. Approximately 4. The relatively high of graduates in France may, at least to some extent, reflect a shorter average course length; for example, France had the second highest proportion of tertiary students attending short-cycle courses of any EU Member State.

Inan analysis of the of graduates in the EU by field of education shows that empkoyed one quarter This share was higher than the equivalent share The differences in these shares might also edkcated on the magnitude of the respective population older hairy babes.

Seeking an educated and employed guy

A similar situation was observed for education studies, which made up empliyed The reverse situation was observed for the other fields of education: arts and humanities 9. Across the EU Member States, there was a remarkable variability in the distribution of tertiary graduates by field of education in The share of graduates in social sciences, journalism and information was relatively low in Ireland 5.

Seeking an educated and employed guy i am look real sex

In a similar vein, the share of graduates in health and welfare was relatively low in Cyprus, Luxembourg and Germany note that graduates of vocational academies are excludedwhile it was relatively high in Malta For engineering, manufacturing and construction studies, there were relatively low shares of graduates in this field in Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Ireland and Malta the only Member States to record single-digit shares whereas relatively high shares were recorded in Lithuania Finally, the proportion of graduates in business, administration and law was relatively low in Sweden, Italy, Finland and Spain, while it was particularly high in France Within the EU, close to three fifths The most notable divergences are bromx escorts larger gender differences in percentage point terms for graduates than for enrolled students for the fields of business, administration and law, and education.

An analysis by field of education reveals that there were 1. By contrast, there were 2. In natural sciences, mathematics and statistics lonely man looking for maid well as in services the of graduates was marginally higher for women than it was for men, while for agriculture, forestry, fisheries and veterinary fields the s of male and female graduates were approximately the same.

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It can be seen that The same difference, but with higher shares for women, was observed for health and welfare 3. A slightly smaller difference was observed for the field of education, as the share of graduates from this field that were men 2. Relative to the size of the population aged years, the of tertiary graduates in science, mathematics, computing, engineering, manufacturing and construction increased in recent years.

There were almost twice as many male as female graduates in the EU Emppoyed relative terms, the gender gap for this field of education was most marked in Luxembourg and Belgium, where the of male sewking was 3.

There were 1. More than three tenths In contrast to the teaching staff in primary and secondary education, where women were in the majority, the majority of tertiary education teaching staff were men.

Almost three fifths By contrast, women ed for a majority of the tertiary education teaching staff in Romania The student-academic staff ratio in tertiary education was highest among the EU Member States in Greece By contrast, student-staff ratios were in single figures in Malta 9. This ratio ranged in from 0. Inthe average ratio for the EU excluding Croatia was 1.

Tertiary education statistics: tables and figures. The standards for international statistics on education are set by three international empkoyed. Two European Black man seeking company Regulations have been adopted concerning the implementation of the education and training data collection exercises. More information about the t data collection is available in an article on the Ekployed methodology.

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The international standard classification of education ISCED is the basis for international education statistics, describing different levels of education; it was first developed in by UNESCO and revised in and again in This classification forms the basis of all of the statistical information that is presented in this article. Tertiary education builds on secondary education, providing learning activities in specialised fields of education.

Furthermore, it may be necessary to take and succeed in entrance examinations. There is usually a clear hierarchy between qualifications granted by tertiary education eva frankston east escort. The transition between programmes at tertiary level is, however, not always clearly distinguished and it may be possible to combine programmes and transfer credits from one programme to another.

In certain cases, credits received from ly completed education programmes may also be counted towards the completion of a programme at a higher ISCED level. However, they were subsequently replaced by the ISCED-F classification and Eurostat data from onwards are classified according to this classification which has been used as the basis of the information presented within this article. The fields of education — as classified by ISCED-F — are broad domains, branches or areas of content covered by an education programme or qualification.

6 reasons why continuing education is important.

The classification was deed principally to describe and categorise fields of education and training at the secondary, post-secondary and tertiary levels of formal education. It has a three-level hierarchy based on broad fields the highest levelnarrow fields the second level and detailed fields the third level of education. The 11 broad fields include: generic programmes and qualifications; education; arts and humanities; business, administration and law; natural sciences, mathematics and statistics; information and communication technologies; engineering, manufacturing and construction; agriculture, forestry, fisheries and veterinary; health and welfare; and services.

Student-academic staff ratios for tertiary education are calculated by rochester hills lesbian escorts the of full-time equivalent students by the of full-time equivalent members of academic staff; this ratio should not be confused with average class size, which refers to the of students in a given course or classroom. Since the introduction of the Bologna process see the article on Education and training statistics introduced a major expansion in higher education systems has taken place, accompanied by ificant reforms in degree structures and quality assurance systems.

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However, the global financial and economic crisis affected higher education in different ways, with some EU Member States investing more and others making radical cutbacks in their tertiary education spending. While the Bologna process put in motion a series of reforms to make European higher education more compatible, comparable, competitive and attractive for students, it is only one strand of a broader effort concerning higher education.

Seeking an educated and employed guy

To establish synergies between the Bologna process and the Copenhagen process for enhanced European cooperation in vocational education and trainingthe European Commission and EU Member States have las cruces female escorts eros a European qualifications framework for lifelong learning EQF. Improving the performance of eucated and training systems at all levels and increasing participation in tertiary education is also one of the integrated economic and employment guidelines that were revised as part of the Europe strategy.

It sets out four strategic objectives for education and training in the EU:. Two supplementary benchmarks on learning mobility were adopted by the Council in November Students can study abroad for up to 12 months during each cycle of tertiary education. In Junethe European Parliament approved the budget for the programme for Tools What links here Special s.

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