A sexual double standard in adolescence has important implications for sexual development and gender inequality. Consistent with a traditional sexual double standard, female adolescents who reported having sex had ificant decreases in peer acceptance over time, whereas male adolescents reporting the same behavior had ificant increases in peer acceptance. These findings have important implications third date kiss sexual health education, encouraging educators to develop curricula that emphasize the gendered social construction of sexuality and to combat inequitable and stigmatizing peer responses to real or perceived deviations from traditional sexual scripts.

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We examined the associations between sexual hookup behavior and depression, sexual victimization SV , and sexually transmitted infections STIs among first-year college women. In this longitudinal study, women completed 13 monthly surveys assessing oral and vaginal sex with hookup and romantic partners, depression, SV, and self-reported STIs. Participants also provided biological specimens that were tested for STIs. Covariates included levels of the outcome, alcohol use, impulsivity, sensation-seeking, and romantic sex.

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Several smartphone applications apps deed to help men who have sex with men MSM find casual sexual partners have appeared on the market recently. Apps of this nature have the potential to impact sexual health and behavior by providing constant access to a large supply of available partners. In this study, the sexual health history, behavior, and personality of MSM who use these apps was compared to MSM who meet partners in other ways.

A sample of adult MSM was recruited online to complete a cross-sectional survey. All participants were either single or involved in a non-exclusive romantic relationship. There were no statistically ificant differences between app users and non-users in frequency of insertive or receptive anal sex without a condom. However, app users reported ificantly more sexual partners and had a higher prevalence of ever being diagnosed with an STI than did non-users. App users did not differ from non-users on any demographic or personality variables sex dating in huggins erotophilia, sensation seeking, and self-control ; however, when adjusting lifetime total sex partners for those online dating email specifically through apps, app users still had ificantly more partners.

This pattern of suggests that app users may be more sexually active in general. More work is needed to fully understand the association between this emerging technology and potential sexual health risks. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attributionwhich permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited. Competing interests: The authors have declared that no competing interests exist. Smartphone applications apps deed to help men who have sex adult seeking real sex monett men MSM find casual adult looking nsa aflex kentucky 41529 partners have inundated the worldwide local dating in keene valley new york market in recent years.

These apps include Grindr, FindFred, Growlr, Scruff, and many others, each with some variation in specific focus and target audience.

Sexual hookups and adverse health outcomes: a longitudinal study of first-year college women

Grindr, which debuted in and currently boasts over four million users, allows members to chat, share photos, and if desired send their exact location. Users can also enable the app to send instant notifications of messages from prospective partners, effectively allowing people to arrange sexual encounters even when they are not actively looking. Although Grindr and other such apps are officially advertised as offering social networking and dating services, MSM who use these apps frequently report using them to find sexual partners [1]. By providing constant access to a steady stream of available partners, smartphone apps of this nature have the potential to impact sexual health and behavior in many ways; however, research has yet to explore whether and how such apps are even linked to the sexual practices of MSM.

The goals of the tall white male for nsa study were therefore 1 to obtain descriptive ladies seeking real sex jonestown on MSM who seek sexual partners via smartphone apps and 2 to compare the sexual health histories of app users adult seeking casual sex shinglehouse pennsylvania 16748 non-users.

We also sought to compare the demographic and psychological profiles of app users and non-users to determine whether these apps attract persons who are drawn to greater sexual risk. Ever since MSM began seeking sex over the Internet, scientists and public health officials have warned of the marks of this method of meeting partners due to the speed with which anonymous sexual encounters can be arranged.

These warnings have seemingly been validated by research demonstrating that online sex seeking is associated with more risks than casual sex arranged in-person. For instance, online partnering has been linked to friend greater s of sexual points [2][3][4]a higher likelihood of practicing unprotected anal intercourse UAI [2][5]and a higher probability of having ever been diagnosed with a sexually transmitted infection STI [3][5][6].

Although some conflicting findings have emerged, meta-analyses have established that arranging casual sex Sex is linked to greater risk relative to meeting partners offline [7]. Given these findings, one might expect that sex seeking via smartphone apps would be associated with heightened sexual risk as well.

However, these apps could potentially produce risks that are even greater than ly observed with computer-based websites, given that people tend to carry their smartphones with them at all times. In addition, these apps can be enabled to notify users instantaneously dating they are being sought by others.

The location-based nature of some of these apps wives want nsa north palm beach also potentially promote faster partnering by narrowing the search field to those who are already nearby. Recent research on Internet sex-seeking behavior has provided support for the self-selection hypothesis by indicating that many MSM who seek partners online are also seeking partners offline, and these MSM report more offline partners than MSM who only meet partners offline [9].

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This suggests that MSM who use the Internet for free french bulldogs in california sex may be seeking a greater s of partners in general. This research also revealed that utilizing both online and offline methods was associated with greater risk compared to online-only and offline-only methods. If persons who utilize technology to facilitate casual sex differ from those who meet in other ways cop dating. One possibility is differences in personality, given that many facets of personality have ly been linked to sexual risk-taking.

Sensation seeking refers to a desire to partake in activities that are stimulating.

In the context of sexual behavior, sensation seeking is closely associated with searching out sexual stimuli that girl to girl flirting novel and gh dating [10]. This drive for thrilling, new sexual experiences is associated with risky sexual behavior, with research finding that higher scores on measures of sexual sensation seeking are associated with higher rates of unprotected sex [11][12]a greater of sexual partners [10][13]and a higher likelihood of being HIV-positive [12].

Sexual sensation seeking has also been identified as a moderator between alcohol and drug use prior to sex and higher rates of UAI for MSM [14]. This personality variable has also been identified as a moderator between Internet use and sexual risk taking behaviors among MSM [15].

Erotophilia is the level of positive affect a person has for sex-related behavior, media, and thoughts [16]. It free online chat london typically assessed on a continuous scale, which ranges from erotophobic to erotophilic.

Higher scores i. Additionally, there is a positive correlation between erotophilia and risky sexual behavior, such that more erotophilic persons express greater willingness to have casual sex and report higher s of sexual partners [17][18]. Capacity for exerting self-control is an individual difference that varies from person to person i.

In the realm of sexual behavior, people with lower trait self-control engage in riskier sexual behaviors than persons with a higher capacity for self-control. Sexual health risks associated with lower self-control include having higher s of sexual partners, a greater likelihood of housewives looking nsa cubero new mexico unprotected sex, and having been diagnosed with an STI [20][21][22].

We tentatively expected that sensation seeking, erotophilia, and self-control would all be associated with use of smartphone apps that facilitate locating casual sex partners. We conducted an Internet-based study to learn more about the sex lives of MSM who meet sexual partners via smartphone apps and also to compare the sexual health histories and personalities of app users and non-users. Online data collection was pursued over college student subject pool recruitment so as to provide greater demographic diversity. We advanced the following hypotheses.

First, consistent with research linking online sex seeking to greater risk-taking [7]we predicted that app users would report higher s of recent sexual partners, more ladies want casual sex dighton of recent UAI, and more reports adult want nsa stoddard newhampshire 3464 STI diagnoses compared to non-users. Finally, and also consistent with the self-selection hypothesis, we expected that any differences in sexual risk behavior would be explained by psychological differences between app users and non-users.

The Harvard University Committee on the Use of Human Subjects approved the protocol, and the data reported in this paper can be obtained from the first author upon request. Participants were required to provide informed consent via a consent button on the first of the survey. No compensation was offered for taking part in this study.

The double standard at sexual debut: gender, sexual behavior and adolescent peer acceptance

Participants were recruited via solicitation notices posted on various Facebook and Twitter feeds for sexuality interest groups, as well as several LGBT student center listservs at U. Notices were sent to schools in a broad cross-section of states in order to obtain geographic diversity. Aside from a few participants who referred sweet wives wants sex tonight alvin or colleagues via or social media, there were no other ificant recruitment sources. Participants were not told that this was a study of social networking smartphone applications so as not to induce further selection bias.

For participants who advanced to the questionnaire website, informed consent was taken via a consent button. Upon providing consent, participants completed the measures listed below. For participants who indicated that they had a current with a relevant smartphone application, they first completed a series of questions about their usage of this app; non-users skipped these questions entirely.

Upon completing the survey, all participants were directed to an online debriefing. App users were asked about the specific application s they currently utilize for meeting sexual partners via their smartphone. In addition, they were asked to indicate the of times per day they open or log onto the app, approximately how many minutes they spend engaged with the app bad girl looking for good times kingman pursuit of sexual partners during each session e.

App users were 100 free polish dating asked about the specific of oral and anal sex partners met through these apps, as well as whether any of these sexual partners eventually turned into romantic partners. Additionally, all participants both app users and non-users completed a battery fun date ideas orange county measures about their personality and sexual practices.

Three personality measures were administered: sensation seeking, erotophilia, and self-control. Each of these measures was rated on a 9-point scale ranging from 1 do not agree at all to 9 agree completely. To measure erotophilia, participants were administered an adapted version of the Sexual Opinion Scale [25]. To assess sexual history, we included several items adapted from past research. Participants were asked how many male sexual partners they had in the past month, the past three months, and in their entire life [27].

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They were also asked how many times they had both receptive and insertive anal intercourse without a condom in the past three months [28]. Finally, participants were asked about their STI history. Lonely ladies seeking nsa ripley participants who had been diagnosed with an STI other than HIV, they were given a checklist that allowed them to select which of the following STIs they had tested positive for: chlamydia, gonorrhea, herpes, hepatitis, human papilloma virus HPVsyphilis, and trichomoniasis.

All participants also completed a standard demographics measure that inquired about sexual and gender identity, race, age, nationality, and relationship status [8]. A total of persons provided consent and began the survey; however, 74 did not answer any questions at all or did not advance far enough in the survey to provide sufficient data for analyses. Data from 66 participants were excluded because they reported that they were having sexual contact only with their current romantic relationship partner.

We limited our data only to those who were actively seeking sexual partners to ladies want nsa tx burnet 78611 our comparison groups more equivalent.

This resulted in a final sample of individuals, all of whom indicated that they were either currently single With respect to gender identity, most identified as male In addition, most participants identified as gay Self-identified heterosexuals were retained for analyses because our interest was primarily in sexual behavior, not sexual identity.

The mean age was Participants were predominately White Analyses were conducted to examine housewives seeking casual sex meridian station app users differed from non-users in terms of their demographic characteristics.

Chi-square analyses for categorical variables and ANOVAs for continuous variables revealed no differences find a beautiful girl groups in gender identity, sexual identity, race, age, country of residence, or relationship status detailed of these analyses are available from the first author upon request.

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