Shareit for windows 10 Download

Shareit for Windows 10 | Free Download for 32/64bit 2019

Shareit for windows 10 is one of the best application for sharing files between devices dear friends as we already mentioned this Innova other post that at the moment there are many sharing applications and softwares available on the internet.

but shareit for Windows 10 is above all it not only provide a sharing platform which works on almost any device but also this application is continuously updating itself and making it better day by day.  with the help of shareit for Windows you can share from your computer is running Windows operating system to your Android running Samsung Galaxy S 9 for any Android phone in seconds.

This software not only works on Windows 10 but if you have its exe file you can install it on any Windows version like Windows 7 8 8.1 etc. To install shareit for Windows You only need its exe file which you can find in this post we have provided clean virus free download file link for your  convenience.

Shareit for windows 10 Download

Download shareit for Windows 10

To download for Windows 10 please follow oven instructions which are mentioned below.

    1. Please first download the exe file of shareit latest working version for January 2019 from the link mentioned here: Download.
    1.   you can save the file  by right clicking on the link from your mouth and select save as.
    1. now that you have downloaded the exe file of shareit for Windows 10 please locate the file normally  you can find it in your downloads default folder.
    1. now double click on the file  to execut it wait a little it should open a new window on your computer screen with the instructions on how to install please follow these instructions carefully.
  1. now after falling the instructions appeared on the window you will see a congratulation message that’s mean you have successfully installed this amazing file sharing application on your computer or laptop.

Now let’s see how we can use this great file sharing Application to share files like multimedia documents movies pictures etc. from your Windows 10 running computer or laptop Ondu onto your smartphone.

Learn how to use share it Share files

sharing files between devices is very easy task with this application all you need to do is to follow over step-by-step guide mentioned below.

first of all let’s discuss about the requirements which you need to fulfill  before starting sharing files between your PC and smartphone. there are not many requirement but please keep this in mind that all the devices should be using same Wi-Fi network otherwise this application will not work and result in disaster so before initiating any file sharing please check on your smartphone and PC that all the devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Shareit for Windows 10 Download Free 32/64bit

also check that both the devices have latest updated version of shareit for Windows 10 an Android otherwise it may take time to transfer data between devices.

    1. Open shareit on your computer first then you will see An option with show QR code written on it please click on this option to show the QR code which you need for connecting your Android device.
    1. Now open shareit apk on your Android smartphone.
    1. now  press 3 vertical points which are present on the upper Corner on the screen.
    1. Best option from your finger which is connect to pc.
    1. Now press the Scan to connect option.
  1. Now the camera app will open and all you need to do is to scan the QR code which is present on your computer screen.  when you do that all the devices paired together and file sharing can begin.

I hope that you have like my post about how you can use shareit for Windows 10 and transfer data from one device to another if you have any questions or encounter any problem regarding this article please feel free to contact me through the comments box mentioned below and I will try my level best to help you.

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