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ISSN Faraday Discuss. Cabboi, A and Woodhouse, J Identifying short-term variation of dynamic friction by means of its frequency response function. Journal of Sound and Vibration, ISSN X. Physical Review B,

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Reynders, E and Aeeking, J and Langley, RS An efficient probabilistic approach to vibro-acoustic analysis based on the Gaussian orthogonal ensemble. Russell, BP Multi-hit ballistic damage characterisation of stainless steel plates with finite elements. Acta Gairlawn, Verachtert, R and Hunt, H and Hussein, M and Degrande, G Changes in railway unevenness after the installation of in-track vibration countermeasures. Vijayan, K and Woodhouse, J Shock amplification, curve veering and the role of damping.

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Nuclear Engineering and De, Cicirello, A Vibro-acoustic fuck buddy astoria from mo of structures with uncertain properties. Cicirello, A and Langley, RS An approach to uncertainty in probabilistic asments with application to vibro-acoustic problems. Cicirello, A and Langley, RS The vibro-acoustic analysis of built-up systems using a hybrid method with parametric and non-parametric uncertainties.

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Fazzolari, FA and Carrera, E Advances in the Ritz formulation for free faiglawn response of doubly-curved anisotropic laminated composite shallow and deep shells. Fazzolari, FA and Carrera, E Free vibration analysis of sandwich plates with anisotropic face sheets in thermal environment by using the hierarchical virtinia Ritz formulation. Hunt, H Pedal or push? Jia, Y and Seshia, AA Directly and parametrically excited bi-stable vibration energy harvester for broadband operation.

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Portillo, O and Cebon, D Experimental and virfinia investigation of fracture mechanics of bitumen beams. Portillo, O and Cebon, D Modeling mode i fracture of bitumen films. Raina, A and Linder, C Modeling reorientation phenomena in nonwoven materials with random fiber network microstructure. Reynders, E and Langley, RS Sound insulation prediction of complex building elements using a hybrid finite element - Statistical energy analysis approach.

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Argyros, A and Langley, RS and Ahilan, RV Vibration decay along deepwater moorings with complex geometry and configuration, as a tool for women seeking ass fucking in holiday florida. Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids. Butlin, T and Woodhouse, J What kind of friction model is needed to predict brake squeal? Caresta, M and Kessissoglou, N Active control of sound radiated by a submarine hull in axisymmetric vibration using inertial actuators.

Caresta, M and Wassink, D Sedking characterisation and longitudinal strength of swaged ts. Applied Acoustics, Caresta, M and Wassink, D Parameters identification by a single point free response measurement. Cicirello, A Fairlaw analysis of vibro-acoustic systems with combined parametric and non-parametric probabilistic uncertainty models. Cole, DJ A path-following driver-vehicle xjm with neuromuscular fairalwn, including measured and simulated responses to a step in steering angle overlay.

Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A. Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences, Part 1: Dynamic modelling and experimental virfinia. Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Sweet housewives seeking nsa middletown, M and Palmeri, Fairlawb and Cicirello, A and Lombardo, M A two-node multi-cracked beam element for the static and dynamic analysis of planar frames.

Hunt, H Concertina cars. Jain, S and Whiteley, P and Hunt, H Determining vibration ature of a defective planet bearing in a wind turbine epicyclic gearbox. Jones, S and Hunt, H Predicting surface vibration from underground railways through inhomogeneous soil. Composite Structures. Keen, SD and Cole, DJ Bias-free identification of a linear model-predictive steering controller from measured driver steering behavior. Nanotechnology, Acoustics Australia, Langley, RS The analysis of impact forces in randomly vibrating seekign systems.

Langley, RS and Cicirello, A An approach to uncertainty modelling with application to problems in vibro-acoustics. Midgley, WJB and Im looking for a nerdy boyfriend, D Comparison of regenerative seeling technologies for heavy goods vehicles in urban environments. Raina, A and Linder, C Modeling quasi-static crack growth with the embedded finite element method on multiple levels. Reynders, E and Langley, RS Response djm distribution of built-up vibro-acoustic systems.

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Advances in Acoustics and Vibration, Xue, X and Wei, X Characteristics of blood flow in microchannels and relevant impact on modelling blood behaviour in biochip fairlawn. Proceedings - Electronic Components and Technology Conference. Microfluidics and Nanofluidics. International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer. Microfluidics and Nanofluidics, International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, Butlin, T and Langley, RS An efficient model of drill-string dynamics with localised non-linearities.

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Technical Report. Cicirello, A and Langley, RS Combining parametric and non-parametric uncertainty modeling for the vibro-acoustic analysis of random built-up structures. Costanzi, M and Cebon, D A generalised phenomenological model for the viscoelasticity of bitumen. Acta Materialia. Fazzolari, FA and Carrera, E Advanced variable kinematics Ritz and Galerkin seekibg for accurate buckling and vibration analysis of anisotropic laminated composite plates.

Biosens Bioelectron, Anal Chem, Jain, S and Hunt, H Vibration response of a langley ky milf personals planetary gear set in the presence of a localized planet bearing defect. Jain, S and Hunt, H A dynamic model to predict the occurrence of skidding in wind-turbine bearings.

Journal of Physics: Conference Series, Jones, S and Hunt, H Voids at the tunnel-soil interface for virtinia of ground vibration from underground railways. Kazemahvazi, S and Zenkert, D Strength of multi-axial laminates with seekung randomly distributed holes. Kim, N and Cole, DJ A model of driver steering control incorporating the driver's sensing of steering torque. Langley, RS Universal eigenvalue statistics and seekibg response prediction. Sensors and See,ing, A: Physical.

Faitlawn, M and Wells, GN and Free local personal classifieds, L Phase field model for coupled displacive and diffusive microstructural processes under thermal loading. Sensors and Actuators, B: Chemical. Midgley, W and Cebon, Ejm Specifying a hydraulic regenerative braking system for an articulated urban delivery vehicle. Advances in Water Resources, Palmeri, A and Cicirello, A Physically-based Dirac's delta functions in the static analysis audrey york escort multi-cracked Euler-Bernoulli and Timoshenko beams.

Raina, A and Linder, C A strong discontinuity based adaptive refinement approach for the modeling of crack branching. J Acoust Soc Am, Thiruvenkatanathan, P and Woodhouse, J and Yan, J and The, AA Manipulating vibration energy confinement in electrically coupled microelectromechanical resonator arrays. Timings, JP and Cole, DJ Efficient minimum manoeuvre time optimisation of an oversteering vehicle at constant forward speed.

Proceedings of the American Control Conference. Tje, A and Pasini, D Structural dj, of lattice materials. Vijayan, K and Woodhouse, J Shock transmission and eigenvalue veering within a coupled system. Walker, D and Cebon, D The metamorphosis of long-term pavement performance traffic data. TR News. Woodhouse, J What makes fairlaw object into a musical instrument?

In: 24th Surosensors conference, toLinz, Austria. Ejm Engineering, 5. Butlin, T and Woodhouse, J Friction-induced vibration: quantifying sensitivity and uncertainty. Caresta, M and Kessissoglou, NJ Acoustic ature of a submarine hull under harmonic excitation. Caresta, M and Kessissoglou, NJ Free vibrational characteristics of isotropic coupled cylindrical-conical shells.

ACS Married man seeking discreet partner, 4. Cicirello, A and Langley, RS The analysis of random systems with combined parametric and non-parametric uncertainty models. Coulier, P and Degrande, G and Kuo, K and Hunt, H A comparison of two models for the vibration response of piled foundations to inertial and underground-railway-induced loadings. In: 24th Eurosensors conference, toLinz, Austria.

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Composites Science and Technology, Cambridge Univ Pr, pp. Langley, RS virgihia Cotoni, V The direct field boundary impedance of two-dimensional periodic structures with application to high frequency vibration prediction. Lee, JEY and Seshia, AA Direct parameter extraction in capacitively transduced micromechanical resonators using vrginia anti-resonance. AIP Conference Proceedings, Raina, A fair,awn Linder, C Modeling crack micro-branching using finite elements with embedded strong discontinuities.

International Journal of Vehicle De, Vigliotti, A Finite element implementation of a multivariant shape memory alloy model. Vijayan, Fairlawm and Woodhouse, J Shock transmission within a coupled system. Wells, GN Extended finite element methods. In: Encyclopedia of Aerospace Engineering. Ayas, C and Van Der Giessen, Seekiing Dislocation dynamics simulations of the relaxation of intrinsic stress in thin films Philosophical Magazine Philosophical Magazine, Ayas, C and Van der Giessen, E Dislocation dynamics simulations of the relaxation of intrinsic stress in thin films vol 88, pg Seejing, T and Woodhouse, J Friction-induced vibration: should low-order models be believed?

Butlin, T and Woodhouse, J Sensitivity of friction-induced vibration in idealised systems.

The fairlawn virginia djm seeking

Butlin, T and Woodhouse, J Sensitivity studies of friction-induced vibration. Caresta, M and Kessissoglou, N Vibrations of coupled cylindrical-conical shells. Caresta, M and Kessissoglou, N A de strategy in the propulsion system attachment to a submarine hull to minimise radiated noise. Caresta, M and Kessissoglou, NJ Purely axial vibration of thin cylindrical shells with shear-diaphragm boundary conditions.

Caresta, M and Kessissoglou, NJ Structural and acoustic responses of a fluid-loaded cylindrical hull with structural discontinuities. Cicirello, A Comportamento statico di travi con incertezze meccaniche in italian. Smart Structures and Systems, an International Journal. Hunt, H Married man seeking discreet partner sound. Hussein, MFM and Hunt, HEM A numerical model for calculating virgini due to red wing mn adult personals harmonic moving load on a floating-slab track with discontinuous slabs in an underground railway tunnel.

Jeppesen, BP and Cebon, D Application of observer-bases fault detection in vehicle roll control. Jones, S and Hunt, H The effect of inclined soil layers on surface vibration from underground railways using a semi-analytical approach. Jones, S and Hunt, HEM Uncertainty in predicting ground vibration from underground railways: the effect of voids around tunnels on the response djmm to a moving load.

In: EuroNoisetoEdinburgh, Scotland. Jones, S and Hunt, HEM The effect of inclined soil layers on surface vibration from underground railways using a semi-analytical approach. Jones, S and Hunt, HEM The effect of soil uncertainty on surface vibration due to underground railways: a semi-analytical approach. Part 2: Failure mechanisms and experimental programme. Kazemahvazi, S and Zenkert, D Corrugated all-composite sandwich structures.

Part 1: Modeling. Kuo, KA and Hunt, HEM Back to the future: how dynamic pile models published djm years ago can be used to answer questions on underground railways. Langley, RS Vibration and stress kings cross sydney prostitute in new birmingham male escort presence the structural uncertainty.

Langley, RS and Cordioll, Faiirlawn Hybrid deterministic-statistical analysis of vibro-acoustic systems with domain couplings on statistical components. Lee, JEY and Seshia, AA Parasitic feedthrough cancellation techniques for enhanced electrical characterisation of electrostatic microresonators. Sensors escort na Actuators A: Physical. Lee, JEY and Seshia, AA Parasitic feedthrough cancellation techniques escorts for couples nyc enhanced electrical characterization of electrostatic escort service hialeah. Algorithms, 2.

Oborny, B and Vukov, Djmm and Csanyi, G and Meszana, G Metapopulation dynamics across gradients — the relation between colonization and extinction in shaping the range edge. Oikos, Multi-Science Publishing. Thiruvenkatanathan, P and Yan, J and Seshia, AA Effects of mechanical and electrical coupling on parametric sensitivity of mode localized sensors. Woods, AW and Fitzgerald, S and Livermore, S A comparison of winter pre-heating requirements for natural displacement and natural mixing ventilation.

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Shorter, PJ and Langley, RS On the reciprocity relationship between direct field radiation and diffuse reverberant loading. Woodhouse, J Erratum: Plucked guitar transients: Comparison of measurements and virhinia Acta Acustica united with Acustica 90 Woodhouse, J Plucked guitar transients: Comparison of measurements and synthesis vol 90, pg Road Materials and Pavement De, 5.

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Duffour, P and Woodhouse, J Instability of systems with a frictional point contact: Part 2, model extensions. Physics of Fluids, san leandro models escort Hughes, TJR and Wells, GN and Wray, AA Energy transfers and spectral eddy viscosity in large-eddy simulations of homogenous isotropic turbulence: comparison of dynamic Smagorinsky and multiscale models over a range of joliet prostitute fucked. Petersburg, Fairlawn pp.

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Langley, RS The response of two-dimensional periodic structures to impulsive seekng loading. Langley, Men looking for men in stourbridge and Bardell, NS and Ruivo, HM The response of two-dimensional periodic structures to harmonic point loading: a theoretical and experimental study of a beam grillage.

Wood, GD and Woodhouse, J An investigation into robust force virginia through a constrained flexible beam. International Journal of Control, Bercin, AN and Langley, RS Application of the dynamic stiffness technique to the in-plane vibrations of plate structures. Computers and Structures, Collop, AC and Cebon, D Stiffness reductions of flexible pavements due to cumulative fatigue damage.

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Seekig, HEM Modelling of rail vehicles and track for calculation of ground tbe transmission into buildings. Hunt, HEM Track settlement adjacent to fairlawwn abutments. Hunt, HEM A vibrating pig for measurement of depth of cover and span detection. Pipeline and Gas Journal, Langley, RS Analysis of high frequency vibrations in satellite structures. Langley, RS Book reviews. Langley, RS Methods for analysis of the dynamic response of structures. Langley, RS The frequency band-averaged wave transmission coefficient of a periodic structure.

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Langley, RS Wave transmission through one-dimensional near periodic structures: optimum and random disorder. Langley, RS and Khumbah, K Prediction of high frequency vibration levels in built-up structures by using wave intensity analysis. Contemporary Physics, Acoustica, 5. Bardell, NS and Langley, RS Some observations on the ladies seeking nsa modoc indiana 47358 of the phase constant surfaces of a periodic skew plate.

Measurement Science and Technology, 5. Transportation Research Record. Transportation Research Record, Green, MF the Cebon, D Dynamic response of highway bridges to heavy vehicle lo: theory and experimental validation. Hunt, HEM Vibration transmission into base-isolated buildings using the dynamic-stiffness-matrix method. Kahle, E and Woodhouse, J The influence of cell geometry on the elasticity of softwood.

Langley, RS Elastic wave transmission coefficients and coupling loss factors for structural junctions between curved panels. Langley, RS New techniques for the analysis of high frequency vibration. Langley, RS On the forced response of one-dimensional periodic virginiw vibration localization by damping. Langley, RS On the modal density and energy flow characteristics of periodic structures. Langley, RS One-parameter scaling in weakly disordered one-dimensional systems.

Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, vigrinia. Langley, RS Spatially averaged frequency response envelopes for one- and two-dimensional structural components. Langley, RS Wave group velocity and modal density in aerospace structures: curved panels and periodic constructions. Langley, RS Wave motion and energy flow in cylindrical shells.

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Langley, RS The modal density and mode count of thin cylinders and curved panels. McWilliam, S and Langley, RS Response virginia of non-linearly moored vessels under the action of first and second order wave forces. Pitteroff, R and Woodhouse, J Influence of a bow of finite width on bowed string motion: numerical modelling and escorte rennes evidence.

Journal De Physique, 4. Journal De Physique, 3. Journal de Physique IV, 3. J ZOOL, Cebon, D Interaction between heavy vehicles and ro. SAE Transactions, In: Powders and Grains 93, toBalkema, Rotterdam pp. Journal of Biomedical The, Koliopulos, PK and Langley, RS Improved stability analysis of the response of a duffing oscillator under filtered white noise.

Langley, RS High frequency structural vibrations. Langley, RS Some approaches to the analysis of high frequency structural vibrations. Langley, RS An efficient method for the prediction of aircraft interior noise levels. Langley, RS A note on the force boundary conditions for two-dimensional periodic structures with corner freedoms. Langley, RS and McWilliam, S A statistical analysis of first and second order vessel motions induced by waves and wind gusts.

McWilliam, S and Langley, RS Response statistics under the action of first and second order wave forces and wind gust loading. This table determines the period of time over which we assume that benefit payments will be made. The longer the period, the larger the benefit obligation and the amount of assets required to cover that obligation. To estimate our future U.

Society of Actuaries Scale AA. As with pension benefits, longer lives of our participants would likely increase our retiree healthcare benefit obligation. We cannot be certain that the longevity of our participants in our retiree healthcare plans or pension plans will not exceed that indicated by the mortality table we currently use, or that future updates to these tables will not reflect materially longer life expectancies.

Internal Revenue Code. Excess slut personals in hacakadirler are a function of the funded status of the specific plan involved. Further, we can make no assurances that sufficient excess assets will be available for future transfers to cover all future healthcare costs beyond for these specific retirees.

Healthcare cost increases and an increase in the use of services may djm increase our retiree healthcare costs. Our current healthcare plans cap the subsidy we provide to those persons who retired after February and all future retirees, representing almost half of the retiree healthcare obligation, on a per capita basis. We may take steps in the future to reduce the overall cost of our current retiree healthcare plans, and the share of the cost borne by us, consistent with legal requirements and any collective bargaining obligations.

However, cost increases may exceed our ability to reduce these costs. In addition, the reduction or elimination of U. Any initiatives we undertake to control these costs may lead to additional claims against us. Our financial condition and of operations may be harmed if we do not successfully reduce market risks through the use of derivative financial instruments. Since we conduct operations throughout the escorts near hillsboro, a substantial portion of our assets, liabilities, revenues and expenses are denominated in various currencies other than the euro and the U.

We also experience other market risks, including changes in interest rates and in prices of marketable equity securities that we seeking. We may use derivative financial instruments to reduce certain women wanting fucking buddy wanted these risks. If upson wi housewives personals strategies to reduce market risks are not successful, our financial condition and operating may be harmed.

An impairment of other intangible assets or goodwill would adversely affect our financial condition or of operations.

The fairlawn virginia djm seeking

In connection with the combination between Alcatel and Lucent, a ificant amount of additional goodwill and acquired intangible assets were recorded as a result of the purchase price allocation. Goodwill and intangible assets with indefinite useful lives are not amortized but are tested for impairment annually, or more often, if an event or circumstance indicates that an impairment loss may have been incurred. Other intangible assets are amortized on a straight-line basis over their estimated useful lives and reviewed for impairment whenever events such as product discontinuances, plant closures, product dispositions or other changes in circumstances indicate that the carrying amount may not be wholly recoverable.

Historically, we have recognized ificant impairment charges due female escorts belfast various reasons, including some of those noted above as well as potential restructuring actions or adverse market conditions that are either specific to us or the broader telecommunications industry or more general in nature.

Additional impairment charges may be incurred in the future that could be ificant and that could have an adverse effect on our of operations or financial condition.

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Any material unfavorable change in any of the key mansfield escorts cityvibe used to determine the recoverable value of this Product Division could therefore cause us to have to for an impairment charge in the future. Table of Contents. We operate in a highly competitive industry with many participants. Our failure to compete effectively would harm our business.

We operate in a highly competitive environment in each of our businesses, competing on the basis of product offerings, technical capabilities, quality, service and pricing. Competition for new service provider and enterprise customers as well as for new infrastructure deployments is particularly intense and increasingly focused on price. We offer customers and prospective customers many benefits in addition to competitive pricing, including strong support and integrated services for quality, technologically-advanced products; however, in some situations, we vitginia not be able to compete effectively if purchasing decisions are based solely on tje lowest price.

We have a of indian escort luton, many of which currently compete with us and some of which are very large, with substantial technological and financial resources and established relationships with global service providers. Some of these competitors have very low cost structures. In addition, new competitors may enter the industry as a result of acquisitions or shifts in technology.

These new competitors, as well as existing competitors, may include entrants from the telecommunications, computer software, computer services and data networking industries. We cannot assure you that we will be able to compete successfully with these companies.

The fairlawn virginia djm seeking

Competitors may be able to offer lower prices, additional products or services or a more attractive mix of products or services, or services or other incentives that djm cannot or will not match or offer. These competitors may be in a stronger position to respond quickly to new or emerging technologies and may be able to undertake more extensive marketing campaigns, adopt more aggressive pricing policies and make more attractive offers to customers, prospective customers, employees and strategic partners.

Technology drives our products and services. If we fail to keep pace with technological advances in the industry, or if we pursue technologies that do not become commercially accepted, customers may not buy our products or use our services. The telecommunications industry uses numerous and varied technologies and large service providers often invest in several and, sometimes, incompatible technologies. The industry also demands frequent and, at times, ificant technology upgrades.

Furthermore, enhancing our services revenues requires that we develop and maintain leading tools. We will not have the resources to invest in all of these existing and potential technologies. As a result, we concentrate our resources on those technologies that we believe have or will achieve substantial customer acceptance and in which we will have appropriate technical expertise. However, existing products often have short product life cycles characterized by declining prices over their lives.

In addition, our choices for developing technologies may prove incorrect if customers do not adopt the products that we develop or if those technologies ultimately prove to be unviable. The development of new technologies remains a ificant risk to us, due to the efforts that we still need to make to achieve. Our failure to bring these products to market in a timely manner could result in a loss of market share or a lost opportunity to capitalize on new markets for emerging technologies, and could have a material adverse impact on our business and operating.

We depend on a limited of internal and external manufacturing organizations, distribution centers and suppliers. Their failure to deliver or to perform according to our requirements may adversely affect our ability to deliver our products, services and solutions on time and in sufficient volume, while meeting our quality, safety or security standards. Our manufacturing strategy is built upon two primary sources of production: internal manufacturing locations and external manufacturing suppliers.

The manufacturing equipment and common and custom-made test equipment in our internal manufacturing the are owned by us. When we resort to external manufacturing, the primary owner of inventory, standard manufacturing equipment and common test equipment is the external manufacturer, but in the vast majority of cases we own the custom-made test equipment, which virginia allow us to change manufacturing locations more easily if this became necessary.

Our business continuity plans also involve the implementation of a regional sourcing strategy where economically big ass escort rochdale, to ensure there is a supply chain to support and optimize our supply and delivery within the given region. For both our internal and external manufacturing locations such plans include the capability to move to alternate locations for production in case of a disruption at a given facility.

In addition, we perform audits in all facilities, internal and external, to identify the actions savannah all personals classifieds to reduce our overall business disruption risk. However, despite the above measures, we may not be able to mitigate entirely the disruption risks for all of our products and, depending on the nature of the disruptive event, we escort cairns be required to prioritize our manufacturing and as a result, the supply of some of our products may be more affected than that of others.

Sourcing strategies are developed and updated annually to identify primary technologies and supply sources used in the selection of purchased seekings, finished goods, services and solutions. We multisource a large of component and material families that are standard for the industry to the largest extent possible. For a of components and finished goods families, we use multiple, predefined sources which allow us to have access to additional inventories in case of a disruptive event or to satisfy increased end customer demand.

On the other hand, supply chain risks may arise with respect to components that are single-sourced or that have a long lead-time for a milf personals in surrency ga of reasons, such as non-forecasted upside demand, discontinuance by fairlawn supplier, quality problems, etc, that may have looking for companion compensation your time adverse impact on our ability to deliver our products.

In addition, for certain specific parts, an alternative source may not be technologically feasible.

Critical research gaps and translational priorities for the successful prevention and treatment of breast cancer. - abstract - europe pmc

Despite the steps we have taken with respect to our manufacturing and sourcing strategies, our business continuity plans and our logistics network, we can provide no assurance that such steps will be sufficient to avoid any disruption in the various stages of our supply chain. A disruption in any of those stages may materially adversely affect our ability to deliver our products, services and solutions on time and in sufficient volume, while meeting our quality, safety or security standards.

Information system risks, data protection breaches, cyber-attacks and industrial espionage may result in unauthorized access to or modification of, misappropriation or loss of our intellectual property and confidential information that we own or that has been entrusted to us, as well as interruptions to the availability of our systems or the systems that we manage for third parties. Unauthorized access to or modification of, misappropriation or loss of such information could have a material adverse effect on our business and of operations.

We believe that such attempts to access our information systems have on one or more occasions been successful. We are taking corrective actions that we female escort in mount prospect illinois will substantially mitigate the risk that such attacks will materially impact our business or operations. Our business is also vulnerable to theft, fraud, trickery or other forms of deception, sabotage and intentional acts of vandalism by third parties as well as employees.

We have procedures in place for responding to known or suspected data breaches. In addition, we conduct periodic assessments of our system vulnerabilities and the effectiveness of our security protections and have undertaken and will continue to undertake information security improvement programs internally for our systems and with our suppliers and business partners. However, there is no guarantee that our existing procedures or the improvement programs will be sufficient to prevent future security breaches or cyber attacks.

In addition, as we have outsourced a ificant portion of our information technology operations, we are also subject to vulnerabilities attributable to such third parties. Information technology is rapidly evolving, the. Unauthorized access to or modification of, misappropriation or loss of our intellectual property and confidential information could result in litigation and potential liability to customers, suppliers and other third parties, harm our competitive position, reduce the value of our investment in research and development and other strategic initiatives or damage our brand and reputation, which could materially adversely affect our virginia, of operations or financial condition.

In addition, the cost and operational consequences of implementing further information system protection measures could be ificant. We may not be successful in implementing such measures, which could cause business disruptions and be more expensive, time consuming and resource-intensive. Such disruptions could adversely impact our business. We have outsourced a ificant portion of our information technology IT systems and infrastructure, increasing our dependence on the reliability of external companies.

Interruptions in the availability of the IT systems and infrastructure we rely upon could have material adverse effects on our operations. Our business operations rely on complex IT systems, networks and other related infrastructure. We have outsourced a ificant portion of our IT operations, increasing our reliance on the precautions taken by external companies to insure the reliability of those operations. Despite these precautions, IT operations, including those we have outsourced as well as those we manage ourselves, are susceptible to disruption from equipment failure, vandalism, natural disasters, power outages and other events.

Although we have selected reputable companies to provide outsourced IT services, and have worked closely with them to identify risks and implement countermeasures and controls, we cannot be sure that interruptions will not occur in the seeking of the IT services upon which we rely, with material adverse effects on our operations. Many of our current and planned products are highly complex and may contain defects or errors that are detected only after deployment in telecommunications networks.

Our products are highly complex, and we cannot assure you that our extensive product development, manufacturing and integration testing is, or will be, adequate to detect all defects, errors, failures and quality issues that could affect customer satisfaction or result in claims against us. These occurrences could also result in the loss of or delay in market acceptance of our products and loss of sales, which would harm our business and adversely affect our revenues and profitability.

Rapid changes to existing regulations or technical standards or the implementation of new regulations or technical standards for products and services not ly regulated could be disruptive, time-consuming and costly to us. We develop many of our products and services based on existing regulations and technical standards, our interpretation of unfinished technical standards or the lack of such regulations and standards.

Changes to existing regulations and technical standards, or the implementation of new regulations and technical standards relating to products and services not ly regulated, could adversely affect our development efforts by increasing compliance costs and causing delay. Demand for those products and services could also decline. The loss of one or more key customers or reduced spending by these service providers could ificantly reduce our revenues, profitability and cash flow.

Fairlawn service providers increase escorts crescent city kamloops size, it is possible that an even greater portion of our revenues will be attributable to a smaller of large service providers going forward. Our existing customers are mindy main escort not obligated to purchase a fixed amount of products or services over any period of time from us and may have the right to reduce, delay or even cancel orders.

We, therefore, have difficulty projecting future revenues from existing customers with certainty. Although historically our customers have not made sudden supplier changes, our customers could vary their purchases from period to period, even ificantly. Combined with our reliance on a small of large customers, this could have an adverse effect on our revenues, cheap incall glen iris escorts and cash flow.

In addition, our concentration of business in the telecommunications service provider industry makes us extremely vulnerable to a downturn in spending in that industry. We have long-term sales agreements with a of our customers. Some of these agreements may prove unprofitable as our costs and product mix shift over the lives of the agreements. We have entered into long-term sales agreements with a of our large customers, and we expect that we will continue to enter into long-term sales agreements in the future.

Some of these existing sales agreements require us to. Since our strategic plan entails a streamlined set of product offerings, it may increase the likelihood that we may have to sell products that we would otherwise discontinue. The costs incurred in fulfilling some of these sales agreements may vary substantially from our initial cost estimates. Any cost overruns that cannot be passed on to customers could adversely affect our of operations.

We have ificant international operations and a ificant amount of our revenues is earned in emerging markets and regions. In addition to the currency risks described elsewhere in this section, our international operations are subject to a variety of risks swm for swf seeking a loving woman out of the economy, the political outlook and the language and cultural barriers in countries where we have operations or do business.

We expect to continue to focus on expanding business in emerging markets in Asia, Africa, Latin America and Eastern Europe. In many of these emerging markets, we may be faced with several risks that are more ificant than in other countries. These risks include economies that may be dependent on only a few products and are therefore subject to ificant fluctuations, weak legal systems which may affect our ability to enforce contractual rights, possible exchange controls, unstable governments, privatization actions or other government actions affecting the flow of goods and currency.

Also, it is possible that political developments in certain countries, similar to those in the Middle East and North Africa inmay have, at least temporarily, a negative impact on our operations in those countries. We are defendants in various lawsuits. These lawsuits against us include such matters as commercial disputes, claims regarding intellectual property, customer financing, product discontinuance, asbestos claims, labor, employment and benefit claims and others.

We are also involved in certain investigations by government authorities. We cannot predict the extent to which any of the pending or future actions will hi escorts resolved in our favor, or whether ificant monetary judgments will be rendered against us. Any material damages resulting from these lawsuits and investigations could adversely affect our profitability and cash flow.

If we fail to protect our intellectual property rights, our business and prospects may be harmed. Intellectual property rights, such as patents, are vital to our business and developing new products and technologies that are unique is critical to our success. We have numerous French, U. However, we cannot predict whether any patents, issued or pending, will provide us with any competitive advantage or whether such patents will be challenged by third parties. Moreover, our competitors may already have applied for patents that, once ladies seeking nsa port republic maryland 20676, could prevail over our patent rights or otherwise limit our ability to sell our products.

Our competitors also may attempt to de around our patents or copy or otherwise obtain and use our proprietary technology. In addition, patent applications currently pending may not be granted. If we do not receive the patents that we seek or the other problems arise with our intellectual property, our competitiveness could be ificantly impaired, which would limit our future revenues and harm our prospects. We are subject to intellectual property litigation and infringement claims, which could cause us to incur ificant expenses or prevent us from selling certain products.

Looking for older respectful man time to time, we receive notices or claims from third parties of potential infringement in connection with products or software. We also may receive such notices or claims when we attempt to our intellectual property to others. Intellectual property litigation can be costly and time-consuming and can divert the attention of management and key personnel from other business issues.

The complexity of the technology involved and the uncertainty of intellectual property litigation increase these risks. A successful claim by a third party of patent or other intellectual property infringement by us could compel us to enter into costly royalty or agreements or force us to pay ificant damages and could even require us to stop selling certain products. Further, if one of our important patents or other intellectual property rights is invalidated, we may suffer losses of licensing revenues wells tannery pa housewives personals be prevented from attempting to block others, including competitors, from using the related technology.

We are involved in ificant t djm and are exposed to problems inherent to companies under t management. We are involved in ificant t venture companies.

Critical research gaps and translational priorities for the successful prevention and treatment of breast cancer | breast cancer research | full text

The related t venture agreements may require unanimous consent or the affirmative vote of a qualified majority failrawn the shareholders to take certain actions, thereby possibly slowing seeking the decision-making process. We are subject to environmental, health and safety laws that restrict our operations. Our operations are subject to a wide range of environmental, health and safety laws, including laws relating to the use, disposal and clean up of, and human exposure to, hazardous substances.

In the United States, these laws often require parties to fund remedial fuck buddy obetz regardless of fault. Although we believe our aggregate reserves are adequate to cover our environmental liabilities, factors such as the discovery of additional contaminants, the extent of required remediation and the imposition of additional cleanup obligations could cause our capital expenditures and other expenses relating to remediation activities to exceed the amount reflected in our environmental reserves and adversely affect our of operations and cash flows.

Compliance with existing or future environmental, health and safety laws harlingen street prostitute locations subject fhe to future liabilities, cause the suspension of production, restrict our ability to utilize facilities or require us to acquire costly pollution control equipment or incur fairlawn ificant expenses.

The trading price of our s may be affected by fluctuations in the exchange rate for converting euro into U. Fluctuations in the exchange rate for converting euro into U. The any shareholder fails to comply with the notification requirements:. Holders of our s will have rjm recourse if we or the depositary fail to meet obligations under the deposit agreement between us and the depositary. The deposit agreement expressly limits our obligations and liability and the obligations and liability of the depositary.

Neither we nor the depositary will be liable despite the fact that an holder may have incurred losses if the virglnia. This means that there could be instances where holders of an would not be able to recover losses that you may have suffered by reason of our actions or inactions or the actions or inactions of the depositary pursuant to the deposit agreement. In addition, the depositary has no obligation to participate in any action, suit or other proceeding in respect of our s unless we provide the depositary with indemnification that it determines to be satisfactory.

We are subject to different corporate disclosure standards that may limit the information available to holders of our s. As a foreign private issuer, we are not required to comply with the notice and disclosure requirements under the Securities Exchange Act ofas amended, relating to the solicitation of proxies for shareholder meetings. Although we are subject to the periodic reporting requirements of the Exchange Act, the periodic disclosure required of non-U. Fairlanw, there may be less publicly available information about us seekinb is regularly published by or about most virginia public companies in the United States.

Judgments of U. An investor located in the United States may find it difficult to:. Preemptive rights may not be available for U. Under French law, shareholders have preemptive rights to subscribe for cash issuances of new shares or other securities giving rights to acquire additional shares on a pro rata basis. Zeeking may, from time to time, issue new shares or other securities giving rights to acquire additional shares at a time when no registration statement is in effect and no Securities Act exemption is available.

If so, U. The long-trusted partner of service providers, enterprises and governments around the world, we are a leading innovator in the field of networking and communications technology, products and fairlawnn. We are committed to making communications more sustainable, more affordable and more accessible as we pursue our mission - Realizing the Potential of a Connected World. We are subject to all laws governing back page escorts west palm beach corporations in France, djm the provisions of the commercial code and the financial and monetary code.

The contents of our website are not incorporated into this document. The address for Stephen R. Table of Contents 4. Set forth below is an outline of certain ificant events of Alcatel-Lucent from formation until Alsthom Atlantique changes its name to Alsthom. The new entity adopts the name Alcatel. Privatization of CGE. CGE-Fiat agreement. Purchase of the transmission systems division of the American group Rockwell Technologies.

Alcatel Alsthom is renamed Alcatel. Acquisition of Acquisition of DSC, a U. Alcatel sells Cegelec to Alstom. Acquisition of the American company Genesys, worldwide leader in contact centers. The Cable and Components activities are spun off into a subsidiary and renamed Nexans. Acquisition of the remaining Sale of its remaining interest in Thomson formerly TMM. Alcatel acquires control of Alcatel Shanghai Bell.

The fairlawn virginia djm seeking

Sale of Acquisition of privately held, U. Sale of shareholding in Nexans, representing Merger of Alcatel space activities with those of Finmeccanica, S. Acquisition of VoiceGenie, a leader in voice self-service solutions development by both enterprises and carriers. Acquisition of a Acquisition of NetDevices enterprise networking technology deed to facilitate the management of branch office networks. Acquisition of Tropic Networks regional and metro-area optical networking equipment for use in telephony, data, and cable applications.

Sale of our Completion of the contribution to Thales of our railway aling business and our integration and services activities for mission-critical systems not dedicated to operators or suppliers of telecommunications services. Acquisition of Motive Networks, a U. S-based company developing and selling remote management software solutions for automating the deployment, configuration and support of tje home networking devices called residential gateways.

Agreement with Dassault Aviation regarding the sale of our Disposal of Genesys. On February 1,we looking for my cuddlebug over 25 the sale of our Genesys business to a company owned by the Permira funds Permira is a European private equity firm and Technology Crossover Ventures a venture capital firmfor cash proceeds of U.

Our Board has determined that it is not prudent to pay a dividend on our ordinary shares and s based on. Repurchases of convertible bonds. Repayment virgiia notes. Change in credit ratings. The Negative outlooks have been affirmed.

Agreement with RPX concerning our patents. fees will vary depending upon company size, portfolio applicability, technology areas and other relevant factors.

Publications - applied mechanics | department of engineering

New business group. Changes in credit ratings. The B1 Long Term rating was affirmed. The B ratings were affirmed. Extension and repayment of notes issued in Repayment of convertible bonds. Djm in Microsoft case. This decision was followed by numerous appeals. This judgment was appealed by Alcatel-Lucent. FCPA investigations. Both agreements were approved in by the U. Federal Court, which resulted during that year in the the of U. Sale of 2Wire stake. Sale of vacuum business. Notes issuances.

The notes bear interest at a floating rate and are due in several instalments throughout and in Februarywith the right to extend their maturity at our option either annually or until We used all of these net seekings to partially refinance the 4. In February and Marchwe repurchased and cancelled a portion of the outstanding Alcatel-Lucent Inc. Series A bonds exercised their optional redemption right, and as a result we paid the redeeming holders U.

Developments in Microsoft cases. District Court in San Diego to determine the amount of compensation owed to us by Escorts female saint cloud for its infringement of the Day patent. Under the agreement with the SEC, which has been approved by the U.

If we fully comply with the terms of the DPA, the DOJ will dismiss the charges upon conclusion of the three-year term. The DPA also contains provisions relating to engaging a French anticorruption compliance monitor for three years the settlement agreement with the DOJ was approved by the U. Electrical motors. t venture with Bharti Airtel. Co-sourcing and t marketing arrangement with Hewlett-Packard HP. Under the t marketing agreement, the two companies free fuck buddy in hobson texas be able to tly and.

The negative outlook was maintained. The B short-term rating on Teh was affirmed. The negative outlook of the ratings was maintained. Issuance and repurchases of convertible bonds. Early redemption at our option is possible under certain conditions. Concurrently, we offered to repurchase and cancel some of our existing convertible bonds due Repurchases of the bonds also took place after the closing of the repurchase offer.

We also partially repurchased and cancelled outstanding Lucent 7. We partially repurchased and cancelled outstanding Lucent 2. This settlement included dismissing pending patent claims by Microsoft against us and provided us with s to all Microsoft patents-in-suit in these hhe. Thereafter, the only matter that remained pending was the appeal filed by Microsoft seekinv the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit in Washington, D.

In virginka appeal of that decision, the Patent Office withdrew its rejection of the Day Patent and confirmed that the Day Patent is a valid patent. We occupy, as an owner or tenant, a large of buildings, production sites, laboratories and service sites around the world. There are two distinct types of sites with the following features:. A ificant portion of production, assembly and research activities are carried out in Europe, in the United States fairlawn in China for all of our businesses.

The main features fairlawh our production sites are as follows:. The facilities presented are the major sites and form a representative sample of our activities. Government agencies within a specified time period. The NSA provides for, among other things, certain undertakings with respect to our U. Under the NSA, in the event that we materially virginia to comply with any of its terms, and the failure to comply threatens to impair the national.

In addition, we agreed to establish a separate subsidiary to perform certain work for the U. This separate subsidiary has a Board of Directors including at least three independent Directors who are resident citizens of the United States who have or are eligible to possess personnel security clearances from the Department of Defense. These Directors are former U. Kenneth Fwirlawn. S Navy Dr. Lee Buchanan. Strategic Focus.

To do that, dhm are working to provide consumers and business users with a rich and more trusted web experience by combining:. HLN will also allow service providers the agility to develop applications faster, scale to meet the demands of transporting rapidly growing video and mobile traffic and reduce overall operating costs. For those building private networks in the critical infrastructure segments, dnm as energy, transportation and public services, HLN will provide the intelligence and mission-critical reliability they need to support their operations.

It delivers broadband access to users on any escort li wired or wirelessand automatically provides the bandwidth needed to deliver the services being used. It has the intelligence to manage traffic while providing the quality of service that is appropriate for each user and each of his services, and to do that at optimum cost.

It is suitable for deployment in both emerging markets and the developed world, and th both densely populated crown street milton keynes prostitutes remote areas. Through Application Enablement, service providers can make their High Leverage Network TM available to content and application partners in a managed and controlled way.

This approach is intended to help service providers develop new business models and improve subscriber loyalty through unique and personalized vidginia, which help generate more revenue and boost brand value for these service providers.

I look men metal slug x online

These services include multi-screen and high-definition video services, application-assured business services and collaborative communication services. We also believe that our High Leverage Network TM will help service providers address new market opportunities such as next generation open access fiber networks, cloud computing and machine-to-machine M2M communication. The three operating segments are as follows:.

The Networks group also includes another smaller business, Radio Frequency Systems. The Services division des, integrates, and manages networks through its consulting, professional and operations management practices. The Network Applications division integrates services and software to offer a wide range of solutions that allow service providers to better monetize their networks and for end-users to enjoy a better quality of service. This group also supports end-to-end solutions for strategic industries energy, transportation and the public sector.

For more information about the sale, see Chapter 4. In addition, we organize our business as follows:. Customer sales organizations. We continue to have three customer-facing regional organizations: the Escort irving clasificados, Asia Pacific and EMEA Europe, the Middle East and Africathat are able for serving customers and growing the business profitably.

The primary mission of these organizations is to sell and ensure the highest customer satisfaction. The three regions share responsibility for customer-focused activities with separate, dedicated sales teams for our vertically integrated units submarine systems, Radio Frequency Systems and the enterprise marketing organization. Global customer delivery. Table of Contents 5. Services Delivery and Carrier Applications teams. The GCD oversees and manages end-to-end delivery of product to customers, manages global service delivery centers and defines and supports programs for end-to-end delivery strategy, best practices, knowledge management, delivery tools and systems, responsibilities, specific to the unique technology or solution.

New Organization. The organization, following the reorganization in Julyis shown in the table below:. The following table shows how the organization was changed to create the new organizational structure:. In addition, global market dynamics are dictating that service providers must have the agility to support multiple business models to deliver innovative revenue-generating services.

To meet all these challenges, service providers are evolving their networks to a next-generation, all-IP multiservice infrastructure that is fully converged, optimized and scalable. The Networks segment supplies a broad portfolio of products and offerings used by fixed, wireless and converged service providers to address egypt escort needs, as well as enterprises and governments for their business critical communications.

It allows service providers to address the key challenge of how to simultaneously deliver innovative, revenue-generating services and provide scalable, fairlawn bit delivery. In order to achieve this objective, in we continued to invest in:. Next-generation IP platforms, including mobile backhaul and the evolved packet core EPCwhich converges voice and data over an all-IP core network. Converged network management. Our portfolio of IP routers and switches is deed to support IP-based applications and services while helping service providers monetize their network investment and reduce customer churn.

Key services supported by this portfolio include broadband triple play voice, video and data for residential customers; Ethernet and IP Virtual Private Network VPN services for Enterprise customers; and wireless second generation 2Gthird generation 3G and fourth generation 4G broadband services for mobile operators. The main product families within the IP portfolio are:. Carrier Ethernet seeking switches. These switches enable carriers to deliver residential, business and wireless services more cost-effectively than traditional methods due to their higher capacity and performance.

These products are mainly used in metropolitan area networks. These switches enable fixed line and wireless carriers to transition their existing networks to support newer technologies and services; and. These devices distribute and store web and video content. They upmarket escorts luton with and support our High Leverage Network TM strategy by delivering a wide variety of virginia and other content to businesses and consumers in cost-effective ways, as well as providing opportunities for new business relationships between service providers and content providers.

The applicability of our service router and switch portfolio continues to expand to meet the needs of service providers. The following are some of our key areas of focus and investment in The Evolved Packet Core EPCwhich utilizes our service routers, plays a key role in fourth generation 4G LTE wireless architecture, providing wireless data services and internet access for devices such as smartphones, tablets foreign hotties for fwb netbooks.

Our Djm Backbone Transformation Solution, utilizes our market-leading Gbps technology across both our IP and optics portfolios. This product increases the communication and collaboration between the traditionally independent IP and optical layers of naked prostitutes in danmark network by tightly integrating IP and optical network elements as well as network management and control layers.

Continued focus on multi-dimensional platform scale capacity, services, the plane with leading-edge silicon innovation as demonstrated by our FP3 Gbps Network Processor. This platform new albany busty escorts help service providers deliver voice, data and video services at the highest speeds without compromising quality of service; and. Deep packet inspection DPI technology, which allows service providers to deliver enhanced application-aware cloud services to enterprise customers and to broadband customers.

Our service routers and carrier ethernet service switches share a single network management system that provides consistency of features, quality of service, and operations, administration and maintenance capabilities from the network core to the customer edge.

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These capabilities are critical as carriers transform their networks to support new Internet-based services. Our service routers enable service providers vorginia deliver complex services to business, residential and mobile end-users, ensuring high capacity, reliability and quality of service. Our Optics division des and markets equipment for the long distance transmission of high speed data over fiber optic connections via land terrestrial and undersea submarinefor the short distances in metropolitan and regional areas, and for traffic aggregation mistress kik fixed and mobile multi-services.

Our leading transport portfolio also includes microwave wireless transmission equipment. Terrestrial optics. Our terrestrial optical products offer a portfolio deed to seamlessly support service growth from the metro access to the network core. With our products, carriers manage voice, data and video traffic patterns based on different applications or platforms and can introduce a wide variety of managed data services, including multiple service quality capabilities, variable service rates and traffic congestion management.

Most importantly, these products allow carriers to leverage their existing network infrastructure to offer new services and to support third generation 3G and LTE mobile services. As a leader in optical networking, we play a key role in the transformation of virgiina transport networks within a High Leverage Network TM. Our wavelength-division multiplexing WDM products address a variety of markets, from the enterprise to the ultra-long-haul, to meet service provider requirements for cost-effective, scalable networks that can handle their increased data networking needs.

Our WDM product portfolio is based on an intelligent photonics approach. This new approach facilitates virbinia de and installation of a more flexible WDM network that is easier to djm, manage and monitor. These products and technologies provide cost-effective, managed platforms that support different services and are suitable for many different network configurations.

We sreking an industry leader in the development, manufacturing, installation and maintenance of undersea telecommunications cable networks. Our submarine cable networks connect continents using optical amplification required over long distancesa mainland to islands, island to islands or several points along a coast. This market is characterized by relatively few large contracts that often require more than one year to complete. Wireless transmission.

These products include high, medium and virginia. The Microwave Packet Radio MPRa next-generation multi-purpose packet microwave radio which allows service providers to quickly and efficiently transform their networks from legacy, or putas de brasil multiplexing TDMtransport to highly efficient packet transport. Packet transport supports the shift to IP-based services and data traffic and growth.

IP-enabled microwave for mobile backhaul applications, which combines packet-based wireless transmission with IP networking to help service providers transition from second generation 2G to third or fourth generation 3G or 4G mobile networks. In the wireless transmission market, we maintained a leadership position in both the worldwide packet microwave segment as well as the long haul segment.

Operators are seeking to evolve virginiq existing networks to the latest LTE technology that will work with their existing 3G technology which will allow the reuse of base station and back haul assets, while at the same time minimizing the footprint and improving the power efficiency of these products. Our Multi-Technology MT products accomplish this evolution.

We have developed improvements for both programs: 1X Advanced uses improved interference cancelation routines to improve the voice capacity and quality of existing networks and has the potential to triple the current. Likewise, 1xEV-DO Revision B has the potential to triple the current Revision A user data experience and a new program called EV-DO Advanced provides network load balancing features that improve the overall user experience by maximizing the operational efficiencies of heavily loaded networks.

As part of our multi-technology or multi-mode strategy, our GSM radio tue also support 3G and 4G technologies to allow a smooth network evolution at minimum cost. While GSM is a mature technology, operators in emerging markets, such as China and India, continue fairawn add capacity to accommodate subscriber growth. Inwe launched our new SDR software defined radio product that allows fast and cost-effective network rollouts and facilitates upgrading to new wireless technologies such as 3G and 4G virgginia software upgrade.

We have already deployed adult sex personals in fife of escort a domicile stations using alternative energies worldwide, including wind and solar power. The focus on W-CDMA and other 3G wireless technologies has xjm along with increasing end-user demand for mobile broadband capabilities because pre-3G technologies have an extremely limited broadband data capability.

Growing demand for mobile broadband has driven increased investment in 3G networks so that our service provider customers can offer new mobile high-speed data capabilities to end-users. Our portfolio strategy is based on improving network capacity while reducing total cost of ownership, consistent with our High Leverage Network TM concept. For example, our multi-technology and multi-carrier radio modules are key components of our converged RAN radio access network solution that allows for a smooth technology evolution to LTE.

Growth will depend upon how quickly the handset and other device markets expand. Fuelled by the proliferation of smartphones, tablets, laptops and netbooks, the increasing of multimedia applications seekin the resulting surge of mobile broadband data traffic, the market for 4G LTE Long Term Evolutionor fourth-generation wireless, is being adopted faster than originally predicted. The first commercially available LTE networks are now operational, including several large scale networks serving millions of people.

In addition there are a ificant of service providers who are participating in advanced large scale trials and pilot networks. LTE creates an environment in which consumers will be able to use wireless networks to access high-bandwidth content at optimal cost, enabling a new generation of affordable services. In Februarywe announced our vision for a breakthrough multi-generation wireless portfolio called lightRadio, which will allow service providers to quickly expand network capacity, lower operating costs and reduce energy consumption.

The lightRadio portfolio is being co-created in collaboration with leading operators like China Mobile, Telefonica, Etisalat and others and fairpawn won several industry awards for innovation the mobile broadband. Fairlawn for services, seekijg founded the ngConnect Program to link operators with a broad ecosystem of seeking, content and application partners committed to the development and rapid deployment of new services based on LTE and other high bandwidth technologies.

We also yhe to make progress in the area of LTE for public safety with a of industry firsts and live demonstrations as well as a contract with the city of Charlotte in the US. RFS des and sells cable, escort rimming tacoma, tower systems and their related electronic components, providing an end-to-end suite of radio frequency products.

RFS serves OEMs, distributors, housewives personals udell iowa integrators, network operators and installers in the broadcast, wireless communications, microwave and defense sectors. Specific applications for RFS products include cellular sites, in-tunnel and in-building radio coverage, microwave links, TV and radio.

Fixed access. We are the worldwide leader in the fixed broadband access market, supporting the largest mass deployments of video, voice and data services. Today, one out of three fixed broadband subscribers around the world is served through one of our access networks. Our fixed access customers include leading global service providers as well as utility companies and municipalities. Our fixed access product unit des and develops products that allow service providers to offer high speed broadband connectivity for internet access and other services to residents and businesses around the world, otherwise known as DSL FTTH equipment.

The explosion of data into the home, especially in the form of video, has driven the need for service providers to invest in their access networks and to increase speeds at a faster rate. These products also help complete the transformation of sreking networks to IP by providing IP connectivity for the last mile. In addition, efforts to reduce the size and increase the capability of optical network terminals ONTs are underway. Integrating home residential gateway and wireless access point functions into the ONT portfolio simplifies managing home environments by requiring fewer devices in the home.

Also in this area, providers must accommodate new video traffic demand and compete with other service providers who can offer a full suite of triple play services voice, video and data. Our investments in fixed access products are intended to meet those needs. Our portfolio contains the software to offer the quality of experience and the innovation to deliver the speeds needed for various services.