Unable to Find Receivers (Quick Fix) 2019

Today I am going to discuss a very commonly known problem of Unable to Find Receivers in Shareit. Most of the times when we install shareit for pc application on our computers or mobiles and then wanted to transfer data or share files with friends then it happens in few minutes with few simple steps but sometimes no matter how hard we try we are unable to perform this task because shareit is unable to find receivers. It can happen due to many reasons so let’s see what are they and how we can fix unable to find receivers problem in our app.

How to Fix Unable to Find Receivers on Shareit

Unable to find Receivers Shareit

Check WiFi is Working Properly

This application use wifi as a sharing medium to transfer files therefore its very important to check whether senders device is properly connected to a WIFI network or not. Most of the times it happens that sender or receivers devices are not connected to a wifi network or if connected they are not using same wifi connections, because of this they are unable to send or receive data.


Now if your device and receivers both are connected to the same network through wifi then check hotspot whether it is properly setup on the receiver’s device or not, if it is not setup then correct that.

Clean up background running applications

Cleaning up background apps is very important step of troubleshooting because many times we had installed some such apps on our device which can interfere with the wifi or shareit app itself, due to this reason it can happen that those apps are making problems. Therefore clean up all background running applications.

Switching Role of Devices

You can try by switching the roles of devices, Means you can make senders device receivers and vice versa, in most cases this can solve problem.

Prefer Wifi Mode on Receivers Device

It can also happen that on receiver’s device prefer wifi mode is on, this can also create problems in creating connection between two devices therefore its recommended that you turn it off.

You can turn this option off by opening Menu > Settings > Prefer Wifi Mode.

By following the above steps you will be able to troubleshoot unable to find receivers on shareit for windows 10.

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