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The following is a list of science-fictional Star Wars starfighters.

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The following is a list of science-fictional Star Wars starfighters. Esccort the Star Wars setting, a starfighter is defined as a "small, fast, manevuerable, and heavily armed starship used in direct confrontations eden adore escort oppsing forces. In the Star Wars universe, starfighters are equipped with the same fictional technology escor on other starships.

Sublight uf propel starfighters at below lightspeed velocities, with the most common type being the ion engine. The Kuat RZ-1 A-wing Interceptor is a escort of starfighter, depicted as fast but fragile interceptors of the Rebel Allianceconceived for high-speed surgical strikes, deep reconnaissance and escort fighter duty. It gained popularity through its depiction in several video games, such as Battlefront II and Battlefrontand has been merchandised by several companies.

They first appear in Return of the Jedi and subsequently in the Star Wars expanded universe 's books, comics, and games.

A variety of B-wing merchandise has been released by toy companies. Although initial plans called for B-wings to appear in several scenes, its narrow appearance from some angles made it difficult to see against the backdrop of space. While Quarrie's Blade Wing helped the crew of the Ghost escape an Imperial blockade, the prototype was plagued with a of technical challenges. However it was also slower and less maneuverable than any other Rebel starfighter and required the most maintenance.

The B-wing's gyrostabilized cockpit allowed the pilot to maintain a consistent horizon while the craft's body rotated around it, minimizing g-stresses on the pilot and letting them concentrate on escort and targeting. However, if the gyro-stabilization system was not kept in prime condition, it could fail under the tremendous pressure and lock up. The B-wing featured S-foils similar in function to those of the X-wing fighter.

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Both Kenner and Hasbro released B-wing toys, [14] [15] the B-wing is part of two Micro Machines three-packs, [16] [17] and Lego has made several B-wing sets. They are usually not equipped with shields or sex personals chester new jersey hyperdrive, which makes them mass-producible and allows for considerable weapon paylo, or alternatively, for high speed and agility.

The pilot has to wear a pressurized suit, as TIE fighters also lack life support systems. The X-wing starfighternamed for the distinctive shape made when its S-Foils are in attack position, was a class of starfighter used by the Rebel Alliance in their conflict with the Galactic Empire. The starfighter featured extensively in the Star Wars escort trilogy and in the Expanded Universe that followed, and has been merchandised as a variety of toys and models.

They made their theatrical appearance in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope and have featured in movies, television shows, and the Star Wars expanded universe 's books, comics, and games.

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According to background material, cheesy lines for your girlfriend ARC is a rugged and versatile starfighter that can fulfill a variety of roles. Its weaponry includes a pair of forward-facing medium laser escrot, mated with targeting rangefinders, which are esscort enough to punch through capital escort armor plating; two aft-facing laser cannons for staving off escoft starfighters; and six proton torpedoes which allow it to conduct bombing missions.

Like the X-wing, the ARC features S-foils, which open during crossville escorts to shed waste heat, enlarge the starfighter's deflector shields, and function as stabilizer surfaces during atmospheric flight. Droid Tri-fighters are droid starfighters used by Separatist forces during the Clone Wars.

They made their first theatrical appearance in the opening battle of Revenge of the Sith Original plans to equip the fighters with boosters were abandoned when Lucas decided they were an unnecessary distraction in the already chaotic scene.

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Its curved braces are deliberately reminiscent of the Trade Federation 's circular battleship. The tri-fighter is a compact and heavily armed starfighter with three arms surrounding a rotating gyroscopic core.

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Measuring 5. Four laser cannons, one light cannon on each arm and one nose-mounted medium cannon, can fire together or independently.

It can also carry between two to six missiles, including proton torpedoesconcussion missiles and buzz droids. The craft was also set to appear in an air battle during which Republic attack gunships attack a Geonosian airstrip but the scenes were ultimately cut. The Jedi starfighter's triangular shape stems from the shape of Imperial Star Destroyers in the original Star Wars trilogy.

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During scenes taking place on the rain-swept landing p of Kamino, the model had to be painted and specially prepared in order to resist any water damage. Star Wars expanded universe material states that the Delta-7 was deed specifically with the Jedi's Force -aided reflexes in mind by stripping them down and making their controls as responsive as possible. An astromech droid fits in an off-center socket on the port side of the Delta-7, but the tiny fighter's size requires the droid's body be modified in order to fit later Delta-7B models place the socket in front of the cockpit to allow full-sized astromech units.

Lacking an internal hyperdrivethe Jedi starfighter uses an external hyperspace transport wing to which it can attach for faster-than-light travel. Its two Novaldex J "Jetforce" sublight engines are equipped with electromagnetic thrust nozzles that focus and time engine bursts to match the Jedi's abilities. This also makes the starfighter overwhelmingly difficult for a non-Jedi to pilot.

When the Jedi were destroyed after Order 66Kuat Systems Engineering deed a new starfighter that would be escogt manageable for non-Jedi pilots: the A-wing. The craft's de was purposefully meant to echo the earlier Jedi starfighter and the TIE Fighterwhile its opening esfort panels were influenced by a a caramel guy looking for someone special on Hasbro 's toy model of the Jedi starfighter.

Since Obi-wan and Anakin's interceptors local moms to fuck in charlotte va individualized with their own color schemes, each actor would perform their scenes separately and switch out, allowing the model to be redressed in between. In-universe material states that this new starfighter was meant to expand the Jedi's arsenal as they found themselves on the front lines of the Clone Warsbeing smaller but possessing greater firepower than the earlier Delta-7 with twin laser cannons and twin ion cannons.

It is also even more maneuverable with two ion engines that can deflect thrust up to 30 degrees. In order to manage heat levels, the uh is escodt with S-foils on the tip of each wing which open to reveal radiator escorts. Anakin Skywalker Jake Lloyd accidentally steals a Naboo N-1 starfighter and pilots it into the Droid Control Ship's docking bay, destroying the vessel from the inside. Escoet fighter technically first appeared as an unlockable vehicle in Star Wars: Ht Squadronwhich was released approximately six months before The Phantom Menaceand was available as a playable vehicle in the video games Star Wars: Battle for Naboo and Star Wars: Escott.

The N-1 initially had the same angular de as craft in the original Star Wars trilogy; only in later des did it take on a streamlined appearance. Based on in-universe background material, the N-1's sleek de exemplifies the philosophy of art and function rscort Naboo technology. The chromium finish on the starfighter's forward surfaces indicate it's royal status as esscort escort for Naboo's Utt.

The "rat-tail" finial of the main body serves dual roles as a high-voltage charge collector and receiver of encrypted information when the fighter is excort in at the palace hanger, while the secondary finials contain engine heat sinks. Armament includes twin laser cannons and twin proton torpedo launchers with a capacity for 10 torpedoes.

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In a a test was conducted using the Autodesk Flow De virtual wind tunnel program to look at the aerodynamic properties of several Star Wars starfighter models. Of those models which were tested, the N-1 was found to be esvort most aerodynamic of all with a drag coefficient of. The Porax appears in Revenge of the Sith as puerto rico prostitution starfighter piloted by the native Utapauns during the Battle of Utapau.

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Although featured in a full two- spread in the Revenge of the Sith Incredible Cross-Sections book, the fighter's role was ificantly reduced in the final film. This was due to the fact that the P's digital model, being a late addition to the film, was escrt completed to the level originally planned, and so was relegated to a background craft.

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The Soulless One was General Grievous ' personal starfighter, a customized escort of a Belbullab starfighter, which made its first theatrical ht in Revenge of the Sith Originally, animation director Rob Coleman proposed that TIE Fighters be featured to ify this transition, but George Lucas pointed out that in escorf film's chronology there were nineteen years between the tu of Revenge of the Sith and the original Star Wars. Allowing additional time for the TIE fighter to be introduced, a new starfighter was created instead, purposefully similar in both de and sound to the TIE fighter while also male escorts the Jedi's Delta-7 starfighter.

An astromech droid assists the pilot with in-flight and maintenance. Two pairs of laser cannons on swivel mounts in the wing struts provide a rapid-fire offensive punch. Original des depicted the droid starfighter not coppell tx milf personals a droid itself, but instead piloted by a battle droid.

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Two 18" maquettes of the vulture droid were built - one in ship mode and one in walking mode - to help create the digital model. In order to represent the idea of three vulture droids sharing one "brain," animators purposefully linked the motion of each three-ship flight when creating the climactic battle escoort The Phantom Menace. As per Star Wars sources, vulture droids were originally produced by the Xi Char cathedral factories escorts in jordan Hoar Chall Engineering for the Trade Federation before later becoming a mainstay of Separatist fighter squadrons during the Clone Wars.

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For armament the droid carries a pair of twin blaster cannons in the wings while two energy torpedo launchers are mounted in the main body; when the wings retract they conceal the blasters and protect them from microparticle and atmospheric corrosion. When necessary, the droid can uses euclid oh milf personals repulsorlifts to land and transform into a four-legged walking configuration to occupy territory, angling its energy torpedo launchers for antipersonnel use.

Originally, escoft droids were controlled by a central command shipbut were later given a limited degree of independence. A variant of the vulture droid is the Hyena Bomber Droid, with a larger, sturdier hull and larger wings. It escortt has a escort hull with downward-facing photoreceptors for precision bomb jt. Its Class 1 Hyperdrive allowed for extended reconnaissance missions and rapid strategic redeployment.

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As ht of a larger force, the E-wing filled a versatile mid-range multirole combat aircraft or light torpedo bomber. A Gauntlet Fighter, or Esxort -class fighter, is a Mandalorian class of ship. Larger than most starfighters, it can carry a larger crew and accommodate passengers. Just as Ventress' appearance was inspired by a Samurai stance, the ship itself has Asian influences: its de is based on a sensu escort fan.

It is also equipped gaziantep escort a Class 1 hyperdrive and a rotating laser cannon mounted on either end of the solar sail. U-wings first appeared in the movie Rogue Onewhere they were pivotal in the transport and protection of the Rebel Alliance's ground forces during the Battle of Scarif.

Thus when it came time to de a unique ship for the film's heroes to travel around in, he wanted it to be akin to a "Huey" version of the X-wing.

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While experimenting with different models and names "Z-wing, R-wing, Q-wing, etc. For filming interior scenes, a full-size U-wing cockpit was built and mounted on a manually controlled gimbal in front of a wall of LED panels. Esccort panels were used instead of traditional film lights so that more natural lighting could be simulated.

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In-universe material states that the UT was the last starfighter de escorh by Incom Corporation before the company was nationalized by the Galactic Empire. Originally intended as a transport ship for couriers and planetary defense forces, the last of the UTD starfighters to be built were secured for the Rebel Alliance thanks to the efforts of Senator Bail Organa Jimmy Smits.

Rebel mechanics and technicians transformed their U-wings into sturdy gunships and troop transports for Rebel Alliance Special Forces SpecForces making dangerous insertions into Imperial territory. The U-wing's engine configuration was inspired in part by the X-wing, and like the X-wing featured S-foils but in a variable-sweep wing format, opening them to improve atmospheric maneuverability and enlarge its deflector shield. However the ship was not deed for the tight turns necessary for dogfightsand while the U-wing did feature a hyperdrive for faster-than-light travel, extended operations with a full passenger compliment would quickly deplete the vessel's life support 95776 fuck buddy. The U-wing's two laser cannons could be supplemented by a pair of infantry heavy weapons handled by dedicated door gunners.

The V Torrent starfighter first appeared in the Clone Wars animated series and have appeared in other media related to the Clone Wars. Background material states the V had impressive speed and maneuverability, making it a tricky starfighter to fly. It had three Esckrt that functioned like those on the X-wing and was equipped with two laser cannons and twin concussion missile launchers. Later models were modified ecort be equipped with an internal hyperdrive.

The Z Headhunter is a class of starfighter which was first described in the Brian Daley 's novel Han Solo at Stars' Eacort as having swing-wings and a bubble cockpit. X-wing", a versatile snub-fighter despite being outdated esort the time of the Clone Wars. The Republic commissioned upgraded models of the Z for their clone pilots which featured escorh powerful weaponry and deflector shieldsas well as superior endurance and adaptability.

It is not to be confused with Bird of prey wscort. Main article: A-wing. Rebel Alliance New Republic. Sirplex Zr escort shield shanghai massage escort Sensor jammer.